The 1 Secret Those Staying Motivated Are Using

Last week was not a great one for many of us.

We saw mental fatigue and defeat. Fewer workouts (if any for some). And college-like diets spreading faster than the virus itself….to be fair, our weekly Coaches call typically involves beverages.

Membership holds/cancellations were the most we’ve seen in a week.

On the flip side, some of you flourished – these are actual notes the team received in the last 5 days:

  • “You have no idea how much impact these workouts are having. Along with the diet, I’m heading in the right direction! Seriously, you are making a real difference, thank you.”
  • “I PR’d DT by almost one minute. I’ll keep focusing on speed like you said.”
  • “Thank you for all you have done during the shutdown. SciCoh has allowed me to maintain my sanity (most of it anyway) and generally keep a positive outlook as we move forward.”

It begged the question, “What’s the biggest difference between those killing it and everyone else?”


My first thought was…kids. 

They certainly had an impact, but they were not THE reason. Even those killing it have school-aged kids (often multiple). Some that are falling off don’t.

We kept digging and found the answer – those that are excelling are using their Coach/the new online Coaching model.

Conversely, when we looked at those that cancelled, most either never returned communications from the start or rarely answered their Coaches.

Then of course, there is a large continuum in the middle.  Analyzing that group, there is a general trend (not always) that the ones who leverage their Coaches are feeling better than the ones that don’t.

The logical next question is, “How come some folks are fully leveraging this incredibly personal and high accountability service and some aren’t?” 

There are certainly a lot of reasons – life priorities, time, etc.  Those all contribute but they ladder up to one thing: a simple lack of belief or understanding of the true value of online Coaching

If, for example, I said that if you fully leveraged your Coach, you’d receive a million dollar yacht, I bet communications with Coaches would skyrocket!

I can’t promise you a yacht, but I can promise you something more valuable – a better mindset, physical health, and ability to handle this current weird world.

It’s not your fault you didn’t fully understand the value of it. It’s my fault for not doing a better job of communicating how to leverage it! Let me fix that mistake and put you on a course to flourish in the month of May!


If working out at home was something you liked, enjoyed, and were good at, you would have never stepped foot into SciCoh.  Better said, you walked through our doors for professional help to improve AND accountability in your journey.

Our new online Coaching model is actually a better product when it comes to Coaching and accountability.

Here’s the 5 step process of how it works:

  1. Your Coach asks you what your goals are. If you don’t know, they will help you figure one out.
  2. Your Coach asks you about your equipment setup and physical limitations.
  3. Weekly, your Coach takes our base programming and alters/adds to it to meet your specific needs in terms of goals, equipment, and limitations.
  4. Twice a week, your Coach checks in to keep you accountable and take a temperature of how you are doing.
  5. If things are off course, they help you get them back on track!

Oh and the final and most important step….if you aren’t feeling 100% great with your fitness, they should be your first call. 

The physical part is honestly a very small part of our Coaching these days. Most importantly, we are here to help with your mindset.  So if you are struggling, reach out to your Coach!

Think about it – you have the opportunity to connect with a Coach about your individual needs more in a week than you used to in a month.  The entire week of workouts are customized to you, your goals, and the equipment on hand.  And with one call or email, you have someone there to bust you out of your funk and ensure you succeed.

SciCoh family, we can’t control many of the things that are happening, but we CAN CONTROL the actions we take.  We are here to give you every resource we have, especially our Coaching.

Stay committed to your fitness.  Don’t lose hope. Use your Coaches.

Keep fighting,




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