Barbells with Breast Friends – FAQ

Do I have to be at the gym for 24H?

NO!!! Most workouts will require only 2 teammates. Some will require 6 teammates (the first 2 and last 2). Each team is responsible for their own schedule.

I have never done CrossFit, can I join?

YES of course. The event is open to anyone. All workouts will have accessible modifications.
There will even be an optional free class for the total beginners prior to the event.

I don’t think I can do a CrossFit competition…

Well that’s great because this is not a CrossFit competition, this is a fundraiser event.
Scoring will be totally informal. Just come and have fun with everyone for a good cause.

I cannot make it to one of the whole team WODs… 

That’s not an issue, either your teammates will have to work a little more
or your will receive a minor time penalty which is not a big deal since it’s not a competition.

How does the registration work? 

Online registration should be up soon.
In the meantime, gather your friends and prepare your teams!

How do you raise money exactly? 

After a team is registered they will receive an assigned donation page on the Dana-Farber Jimmy Fund website. We ask all teams to raise a minimum of $500 for participation the event.
Each team can choose to split that amount for entry, ask friends and family to contribute, or better yet, do both!!

I want to donate without working out… 

Before and during the 24H you will be able to sponsor a team of your choice. This will count towards the total amount fundraised by that team. A prize will be awarded to the team raising the most money.

What are the Workouts?

We have the list ready, just give us time to fine tune some details.
We will release some of them soon!

Can my friends/family come watch? 

YES!!! We want this to be a community event as much as possible.
We’ll just ask them to stay away from the workout area.

Will there be any food or drinks? 

Athletes are responsible for fueling themselves for 24H no concession stands.
There will be water to refill water bottles.
(Bring Your Own Cup – No single use cups will be provided)
We are currently working on possible Food Truck at specific times
or local business to share a few snacks and will announce all of those details on the Facebook event page.



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Barbells with Breast Friends – 2022

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