SciCoh Coronavirus Plan: Now to Reopening

SciCoh Family,

I’ve said it many times, but it probably still isn’t enough – I can’t tell you how proud I am of you and our Coaching team for transitioning to this new at home environment in near flawless fashion.

That success says a lot about your commitment to your fitness, our Coaches’ commitment to you, and your belief in us.

I also believe a key ingredient was early and clear communication of our plans.

My goal is for us to handle the eventual transition back in a similar fashion.  Thus, I want to communicate early and clearly our high level plan.


We are fortunate that many gyms all over the world are transitioning back well before it’s our time.  Gyms in China started the reopening process 2+ weeks ago and Georgia (the state) started last week.  I am fortunate to have lines of communication with gyms in both areas and here is what we’ve learned:

  1. It’s a process, not a sudden “everything is back to normal” approach.  This process begins with private sessions, moves to limited class sizes with marked out distanced spaces, and eventually finishes with a full go (no one is there yet.)
  2. There are essential cleaning protocols for members and staff that work and must be followed. I’ve already started documenting them and will continue to update them as they evolve.
  3. You as members will have different comfort levels with when you are ready to return…and that’s completely OK.
  4. The team will have different comfort levels with when they are ready to return…and that’s OK too. I already told the team that I will support wholeheartedly their individual decisions of when to return.
  5. Gyms will open at different rates and that too is OK.  Our process will not be influenced one way or another by other gyms in the area.  Our process will be grounded in proven methodologies from around the world, the best information available, and the needs/desires of you and the team.  That approach set us up for success when we transitioned out, so I believe in it with our transition back in.


A new month begins tomorrow and our singular focus is to light a fire under you!

I don’t care if you’ve put on 20 lbs, worked out fewer times in the last 7 weeks than you used to in a week, or drink more in a day than you used to in a year.  That was your time to adjust, accept, and deal.

That’s a sunk cost and it’s behind us now.

Now is your time to flourish!

Here is how we will make sure of it:

  1. The SciCoh Spring Showdown At Home – It’s a 3 week TEAM competition that can be done with little equipment or even no equipment.  You can choose ANY partner you want! More to come.
  2. Software Option for Online Coaching – We’ve tested a new piece of software to send out individual programming and track success.  In general those on it are staying way more committed, so we are finalizing how to roll it our broadly.
  3. Focus on Mindset – I wrote about this yesterday. The biggest Coaching job we can do is to Coach you mentally and help you through this weird time.  Lean on us and we will get you through it.

At a bare minimum we are in this virtual only mode for 18 days. We aren’t victims, we are SciCohs, so let’s get after it!


We don’t have dates right now because we simply aren’t close enough to have the right information and information can change drastically by the time we are there. BUT, we do have a broad plan.

Step 1: Survey.

As we near May 18th (or whatever date ends up being the actual “businesses can open” date) we will send out a survey to both members and staff to gauge comfort level of your readiness to return in a limited fashion.

Step 2: Online Coaching, Zoom, & Private In Person Training

When ready, the first step back inside our physical location will be personal training that is easy to keep distance and clean before/after.

Step 3: Hybrid – Online Coaching, Zoom, & Outdoor Distanced Workouts

The next phase adds in outdoor workouts so we can finally see each other, workout together, but do so in an environment easy to keep distance.

Step 4: Hybrid – Online Coaching, Zoom, & Limited In Person Class Sizes

We will eventually progress to limited class sizes with spaces marked off.  You’ll have to reserve ahead of time (we will have a fair process to do so) and you will be assigned your own workout space that has plenty of distance from the other spaces.

We will not have back-to-back classes as the cleaning protocol needed afterwards won’t allow it.

Over time I would expect the class size limits to expand gradually.

Step 5: Hybrid – Online Coaching & Full Classes

Our final step is the new business as usual.  Classes are back to normal, zoom is eliminated or at least very infrequent, and online Coaching is forever an option.  Online Coaching is here to stay, so if you aren’t comfortable until 2022 to actually step foot in a gym, no problem – SciCoh can still serve you.

I don’t yet know when each of these phases will go into effect nor do I know the amount of time between each one.  I do know that everything we do will be with your needs in mind and based on the best information we have.


May is a blank slate and I want you to come out of the gates firing.  Lean on your Coach.  Tell us what you need. Let’s get after it!




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