Sarah Promoted to Head Coach!

SciCoh Family,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the promotion of Sarah O’Shea to head coach of CrossFit SciCoh!

As one of our first members in 2012, Sarah came to us with a passion for fitness and a whole bunch of athleticism.  She was a special member that quickly turned in to a special coach.  Sarah is one of those rare coaches with the passion, drive, and talent necessary to build both athletes and community.  Since the opening of SciCoh in 2014, Sarah has been a key component to its success.  When we lost our full-time coach at RCFBC, Sarah was asked to step up as a leader at SciCoh and she certainly delivered.  Yes in 2015 we built the size of the community but most importantly we built an amazing identity for that community.  You all have become this incredible, supportive group of people that move well, encourage one another, and have a tone of fun. You all know as well as I do that Sarah was a major component in that success.

While Sarah will now take on more behind the scenes responsibilities, it will not change a thing on your end!  You’ll still see her the same amount and she will still be the great coach and leader she has always been.

Once again, we are incredibly excited for Sarah’s new role in such an amazing community! Please give her a high five, chest bump, or anything else you feel moderately appropriate haha.