Box Brief

Welcome to the start of our next cycle and the launch of the pilot we are calling Goal Based Programming. The conecpt is pretty simple. A day or two a week, you get to choose your own adventure for part A, based on your own goals or preferences. Yes, we are still working all of the 10 general physical skills of fintess, but if you would like to bias a little bit more towards one, then you can.

Here is how it works. A day or two a week there will be part AS (Part A Strength) and a part AE (Part A Endurance). If you are trying to build your endurance then follow AE. If you are trying to build strength or simply just want to show up and get as fit as possible, then do part AS. It’s our attempt to allow for a little individualization on a group scale. We’ve never done it before, so if it doesn’t go well from a class logistics standpoint then we will just change it. Let’s see what happens for a couple of weeks and we will take it from there!


A. Back Squat 3×5

B. “Heartbreak Kid”
10 Front Squats (185/135#)
20 C2B Pull-ups
50 DU
Courtesy of CFNE