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1. Who is Linda Soracco?

60 year-old mom of two beautiful daughters, Michaela and Alex – animal-lover, foodie and
wannabe athlete.  I’m a co-owner of a real estate development company and enjoy buying
building/renovating and selling homes, a sometimes-frustrating but ultimately very rewarding
process!  I live in Marshfield, but grew up in Reading and have lived in Maine and Nantucket where
I raised my daughters.

2. Tell us your CrossFit story (where were you before SciCoh and where are you now?)  

I’ve always worked out in one form or another – boot camp, pilates, weights, boxing – you name it,
but you know how it goes when you’re working out on your own – look at the clock, bang out few
dumbbell curls, look at the clock, add a few tricep kickbacks, then jump on the elliptical with a
magazine and look at the clock until your conscience says it’s ok to leave.
CrossFit’s a whole different animal.  I’ve learned to be patient with my progress, what I am good at
and not-so-good at, to push myself beyond what I ever thought I could do, and to listen and learn
from the Coaches.  Mostly to cut myself some slack and be OK with it because I’m not 25 anymore
(see “scaling” in P.3 below).

3. What does being part of the SciCoh community mean to you?

I love my 5:15am besties and the fact that I will see the same friends most mornings (except for
Brian the traitor, who deserted us for the 6:15 class).  There’s a bond there because we’re all
going through that hour together.  Everyone brings something to the table:  Dan’s often
entertaining HSPU’s, Chris’ amazing squats, Mo’s determination and drive, Jay’s perfect DU’s,
Daniel’s stellar rowing and Mark’s just plain good at everything.  You’re a part of everyone’s CF
journey.  During a WOD when you want to cry, give up and sneak out to your car and never come
back, I love the surprise of hearing someone’s voice of encouragement.  That’s what it’s all about.
That, and scaling.  Lots of scaling.

4. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

That I can now do a burpee without looking like a 150-pound bag of dog kibble repeatedly
crashing to the floor.  And I can finally go upside down on the wall – insignificant to most, but for
me it was conquering a huge fear, with great Coaching and encouragement from Sarah, Scott,
Nicci and Lee.  Also that my daughter, Michaela, is now a Scicoh CrossFitter!

5. What are your goals going forward?

I’d love to get one pull up without using 5 black bands.

6. If you could describe CrossFit SciCoh in one word, what would it be?

Love/hate.  Is that one word?



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