Member Monday

Meet Mel Barrett, this weeks SciCoh member for Member Monday!


1. Tell us a little about yourself?
Marylou’s coffee drinking, beach loving, beagle having mom to 3 lovelies . . . Gabe, Georgia and Tess!  Wife to Paul, friend to whoever puts up with me, Grad student, teacher, often seen on the sidelines of various sporting events (Marylou’s cup in hand, naturally.)
2. Tell us your CrossFit story (where were you before CrossFit SciCoh and where are you now?)

I started with Crossfit SciCoh on Day 1 and was immediately hooked!  I had done the group exercise thing for years and loved it . . . got into a marathon groove and loved it . . . but the last year or so I had been less than enthusiastic about working out.  Needed something new so that my workouts could be something I would ENJOY again, rather than simply a way to rationalize my pizza consumption.  I found it!

3. What does being part of the SciCoh community mean to you?

It’s all those cheesy things they tell you it will be . . . great people doing great things  . . . with great music!  We sweat together and laugh together; encourage each other and learn from our Coaches.  

4. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Crossfit accomplishments?  Maybe sticking with it through the Broken Ankle Debacle of 2014?  Getting my first double unders?  Seeing improvement in my burpees?  (ok that last one hasn’t happened but using the power of The Secret to put that out into the universe).  

5. What are your challenges and goals going forward?

So many!  Heavier lifts, faster burpees/box jumps/du’s, getting a pull-up!  My immediate goal?  Getting brave enough to go upside down on the wall for handstand push-ups.  I know.  Your 7 year old has already done that.  Mine too.  

6.  Outside of CrossFit, what do you enjoy doing?  (hobbies, activities, past times, etc.)
When I’m not at Crossfit I can be found driving my children to soccer/lacrosse/baseball/hoops or watching my children at soccer/lacrosse/baseball/hoops.  😉  I’m working on a Master’s in Education and Counseling so I’m often at my desk reading or writing and dreaming of long sunny days at Sandy Beach!  I love anything outside . . . walks with my dog or my friends (or both!), bike rides with my husband (I have to bribe him.  don’t ask), hikes with the kids. Just so I don’t sound super outdoorsy and healthy I also enjoy eating things while watching Bravo.  Truth.  



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