Joe “16.5” Guerra


1) Joe first we thank you for taking the time to be featured on Member Monday. For those of us that haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you, can you take the time to introduce yourself?

Joseph Michael Guerra, born in Cambridge, Mass, July 3 1976; raised in Burlington.  Parents Anthony (“Tony”) and Angela (“Angie”).  I’m half Italian, half Greek.  Have two brothers; I was the middle child.  Was obsessed with sports as a kid; played almost everything.  I wanted to be a Boston Celtic.  Favorite sports figures were Larry Bird, Cam Neely, Jim Rice, John Hannah.  Attended Burlington High School, UNH for undergrad, Babson for grad.  Have spent entire professional career in financial services/technology, now work for Markit in software sales/account management.  Moved to Cohasset in 2008.  Wife Julie, daughters Paige (6) and Katherine (4).  Joined SciCoh in December 2014.  

Misc. Likes … cooking and eating real food, Stand Up Paddling, relaxing with my girls, wall balls, high quality beer/wine/scotch/bourbon, Pat’s/Sox/C’s/B’s, cheat meals, lifting heavy things, minimalism, a good night’s sleep, Big Butts & Coconuts, live music, watching Big Mike do candlesticks, being in the presence of Mongoose, burpees.

Dislikes … burpees, clutter, shoulder tendinitis, any NY sports team, when Sarah O. no-reps me.

Guilty pleasures … gorging on choc chip cookies, listening to Justin Bieber, drinking before noon, rolling out my IT band, burpees.


2) Joe with 2 beautiful daughters you’re going to need to be an intimidating factor when they get older. Can we say lifetime membership?

I grew up with two brothers, so this whole raising girls thing was very new to me and I have learned on the fly.  I still cannot braid hair or dress them correctly/appropriately but they have taught me a lot.  But there are times when all I can do is leave the room, crack a beer, and let Julie deal with the drama.  But to answer your question, yes, I imagine I will be very protective of them as they get older and will need to stay fit to catch and kill anyone that messes.  

Is there a monthly discount for a lifetime SciCoh membership?   


3) So I know you have great form when it comes to burpees. So it was no surprise to me that you were the talk of the town after open workout 16.5. Which was good for a third place finish in the intramural open I might add. What was the secret sauce to your success?

HA, do I?  Didn’t realize I had good burpee form, but thank you.  My game plan for that WOD was “slow and steady”, break up the thrusters in to manageable sets, short quick rest periods, try for unbroken burpees, … and in general try not to vomit.


4) So you were a catcher in high school for Burlington, what was your claim to fame?

In Little League catcher was where they hid kids who couldn’t play infield!  So they made me a catcher and I never left.  But it did allow me to master the perfect squat at an early age.  But seriously, it’s a great position because baseball can get boring at times, and at catcher you are involved in every pitch.  I guess my claim to fame was that I had the pleasure of playing with and catching a friend who eventually got drafted and played professionally.


5) Ok a question completely from left field. Say you are asked to be a contestant on a reality show where you are stranded on a desert island. What three things do you bring and why?

Hmmmmm … I could only get this down to four…

  • Coffee – I simply cannot function without it.
  • Craft beer – see above.
  • Spotify – life-changing app.
  • Foam roller


6) Three words to describe your fellow 9:30 down and dirty classmates?

Supple, dynamic, explosive.  

A great group of people who don’t take themselves too seriously, but also take pride and work hard.  There are no egos and everyone just has a good time.  I would say the same for all of SciCoh.   


7) Tell us your favorite moment of the Intramural open besides your third place finish? And be honest do you really like the Big Butt and Coconut logo?

My favorite moment was when it finally ended.  Kidding!  It was really impressive to see how many people participated, especially compared to last year, and the enthusiasm of everyone involved.  It was also great to get all three boxes together.   

Not only do I like the BB&C logo, but also like the fit and softness of the purple shirts.


8) You seem like a stand up guy and every stand up guy has a motto. What is yours?

Tough question but one thing I tell my daughters all the time is to treat people how you would like to be treated.  Pretty simple but if you live like that you’ll probably turn out okay…






scicoh intramural open: Noobies, keep reading so you can find out what the CrossFit Open is all about. Veterans, skip to the “What is the


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