“Intense” Brian Rawston


1) Brian first we thank you for taking the time to be featured on Member Monday. For those of us that haven’t had the pleasure of sharing the gym floor with you, can you introduce yourself to the community?

I am 46 years old and currently living in Cohasset, but originally from the north shore (Hamilton-Wenham).  I am divorced and have a wonderful 10 year old son who lives with me part-time.  I work for a large local heavy/civil and marine contractor headquartered in Quincy.  We worked on several Big Dig projects and were the general contractor on the Greenbush commuter rail line, which brought me to the south shore in 2002.  Something not everyone would know…. My all-time favorite TV show is Columbo with Peter Falk (from the early 70’s).


2) You played soccer in high school, what position did you play?

I played midfield – lots of running.  I wish I could still run like that – long distance running is a huge weakness.


3) I have to tell you, it is always interesting to witness the intensity you bring into the box everyday. Where does that come from? Have you heard it before?

I have definitely heard it before.  I’m not sure where it comes from, but apparently I approach all athletic endeavors like a kid.  Casual work-related softball games almost always result in bloody knees/shins and the same goes for playing soccer goalie against 5-10 year old kids at a family event.  My family warns me that I am too old for that type of play.  I disagree – playing hard keeps us young.  CrossFit is an excellent outlet to “play hard”.


4) You do give a whole new meaning to the term box jump overs, would you agree?

Who said (old) white men can’t jump.


5) You did Cross-fit prior to joining the great community at SCICOH, where did you start and what brought you here?

I started cross-fit about three years ago, but took almost a full year off in 2014.  My previous box was CrossFit South Shore in Hanover, a small facility similar to SciCoh.  I enjoyed my time there and met some great people, but ultimately left because the class times didn’t suit my schedule.  I was excited when SciCoh opened right down the street and the 5:15/6:15 AM class times are perfect options for working out before work.  The SciCoh/Bare Cove community has been awesome.


6) You recently participated in your first team competition and took 3rd place in the family feud, how was that?

The competition was a blast.  The turnout was amazing and everyone appeared to have a great time.  What an awesome community event!  Competitions force you to push yourself harder than you thought possible, especially with a partner depending on you, more especially if that partner is Coach Sarah.  I was definitely the second best member of our two member team. I did actually compete in another CrossFit competition over a year ago in New Bedford, also a partner competition.  My partner was my age and approximately the same fitness level.  We entered the Rx division and discovered when we arrived that all of the other 25 teams in the Rx division were incredibly fit “kids” in their mid-late twenties.  We came in dead last, but it was a great experience.


7) Ok truth be told with your most honest answer. Everyone was eating pizza and drinking beer when the finals teams were announced, which included thrusters and rope climbs. What was going through your mind?

No one told us there would be a fifth and final workout.  I blame Mike L. for that.  My body was definitely not prepared for thrusters, pull ups, and rope climbs.  Prior to the WOD, I would have gladly traded my position for a slice of pizza and a beer.  Afterward though, it was very rewarding.  Thank god my partner kicked butt on pull ups because I didn’t have that many in me – although she did make me do all the rope climbs.


8) Lastly, any predictions for “Family Feud 2016” ? Will you become a free agent to the highest bidder?

I will definitely participate.  I think my best chance for success would not be free-agency, but signing a long term deal with my current partner, Coach SOS, if she would be willing.  However, my money is on Mark and Laura from SciCoh to win Family Feud 2016, avenging this year’s double under snafu.





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