Cyber Monday Gift Ideas

The gift of fitness is the gift that keeps on giving.  Here are 4 ideas for your wish list!

NOTE: each button will take you to a gift card link that can be customized.  The value of the gift card can be used for other products/services if needed.  Example: If the oly session is purchased but the dates don’t work when we release them, you can apply the value to anything else we offer including your regular membership 🙂

Are you several months (or even years) in and still dread double unders? Are you still the singles ninja when it comes to toe to bar? Have you dreamed of doing butterfly pull ups but don’t know how? A 30 minute skill session might be all you need to break through!

Sometimes your needs might go a little beyond 30 minutes of help – our 1 hour personal training sessions are perfect for that. We will ask you ahead of time about your goals/needs and customize accordingly.  Part of our session might be a strategy session to get you to your goals over the next 8 weeks.  Part of it might be us creating a strategy to attack your nemesis benchmark workout and then using it to attack that workout during our session.  We will figure out what you need and customize accordingly!

We all know nutrition is at least 70% of the battle when it comes to achieving our health goals. The problem is different things work for different people. Instead of guessing what’s right for you, let a Coach help. We’ve Coached 100s of folks over the years and know what works. We’ll chat about your goals, create a custom plan, keep you accountable, and measure the results for 4 weeks. For just over $3 a day, it can have a tremendous impact!

It’s back! In Jan 2021 we will launch our next 6 week, 2x/week, Olympic Lifting Course. Over the last 5 years our athletes have averaged over a 12lb increase in their snatch and over a 10lb increase in their clean by the end of the session.  Coach Mike’s program is devised from his time learning from both Coach Bergener and Spencer Hendel.  He uses two 90 minute sessions per week to focus on technique, speed, and strength.  It’s a fun course that closes the gap on two difficult movements!



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Talk with a Coach about your goals, get the plan to achieve them.


Take the first step towards getting the results you want!