SciCoh Family,

Today, Governor Baker rolled the state back a step in the coronavirus progression. 

What does this means for you/gyms? Masks on at all times.

To be clear, data in the state, country, and across the globe show no evidence of spreading in the gym environment. That data is why we he opted to keep gyms open and simply ask for an abundance of caution.

Sunday is the official requirement of these new standards, BUT we will begin with masks on at all times tomorrow, Wednesday, December 8th.


1) Fine tune your mindset.

Fam, we have all been dealing with this stuff for 9 months now. It’s ok if you are tired and it sucks to have a little setback. But, the great news is we can still have our outlet for an hour. We can still see our friends. We can still keep improving our health during a time when it is so necessary.

Yeah, a mask on sucks a little but I promise you you’ve worked out through worse!

You may have to back down the intensity a little, but use that as an opportunity to work on your skill.  We’ve been dealt cards…how do we play them most effectively?

2) Business as usual…just with masks.

We will still follow all of our protocols (signing up ahead of time, temp checks, distance, etc) but now you simply have to keep your mask on at all times.  Even though capacity numbers are stricter, we are below the max anyway, so we are good to go J

3) Gators are coming your way!

We anticipated this may be a requirement at some point, so we did some research. Gators are the hands down winner for masks that find a balance between sufficient protection and breathability during exercise. 

We are working on a bulk order shortly and Sarah will even put our logo on them! More info to come…

4) Zoom is back!

Some of you may choose to workout at your house instead without a mask and that’s totally fine, but we want you to still have access to coaching and community.

As such, a Zoom option will now be on the schedule for each and every class. Please check in for the zoom version of the class so we know someone will be there!

We will monitor the interest over time and keep the zoom option for times it is used and not worry about it for the others!

5) Reminder of options

As always, keep in mind that personal training, semi-private training, zoom, and at home programming are always options. Basically, we will make sure you have what you need to keep improving your health!


We are coaches…not trainers.  This means our work with you goes beyond our 1 hour class together. If you guys need anything or need someone to chat with or battle plan with, please reach out.

Stay strong. Stay the course.