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2:00 Monostructural Movement
2 Rounds
:30 Plank Hold
:30 Alternating Reaching Hands Plank Holds
:25 R / :25 L Cpt Morgan With Vertical Support
10 R/L Banded Step Outs
10 R/L Goblet Front Hold Lateral Lunges

A. 3 Supersets AHAP
1A. 12 Back Rack Barbell Step Ups (6R/6L)
2A. 10-12 Pendlay Rows

*Focus on your core today. Squeeze throughout and keep upright on the step ups – DO NOT LEAN OVER.

B. 16 Min EMOM
M1: 35 Double Unders
M2: 15 OHS (95/65)
M3: 4/5 Man Makers (weight that will allow for 4-5 each round)