2021 scicoh games teams & countries

workouts & standards

event 1 - "Oly Power" - completed as an individual

This is an individual workout.

For each lift, the team will choose only one of their scores as the official score for that list. Each teammate must contribute at least one score!


Partner 1 has a 100lb snatch, 125lb shoulder to overhead, and 150lb overhead squat.

Partner 2 has a 90lb snatch, 100lb shoulder to overhead, and 120lb overhead squat.

Even though partner 1 has higher numbers across the board, the team can only take 2 of them at max.

Since partner 2 has a snatch that is only 10lbs lighter and the rest of their lifts are a bigger gap, it makes most sense to use partner 2’s snatch.

Thus, their final total will be 90 (partner 2) + 125 (partner 1) + 150 (partner 1) = 365lbs.

Snatch: Athletes may muscle, power, squat, or split snatch. Athletes MAY NOT pause and snatch from the hang, unless cleared to do so because of injury.  The bar must start from the ground and be pulled overhead in one motion (e.g. clean & jerk is not allowed.) The lift is complete when feet are together, knees and hips are fully extended, and the bar is controlled overhead above the shoulders with elbows locked out.

Shoulder to Overhead: Athletes can take this from the ground or from the rig. A strict press, push press, push jerk, split jerk, or even squat jerk are allowed. Athlete must start with the bar in the front rack position.  The lift is complete when feet are together, knees and hips are fully extended, and the bar is controlled overhead above the shoulders with elbows locked out.

Overhead Squat: Athletes can take it from the ground or off the rig.  The bar must begin locked out overhead.  Athlete must descend until the hip crease is clearly below the knee. A bend in the elbow is allowed as long as the bar stays above the head and does not come in contact with any part of the body except the hands. The rep is complete when the athlete stands up with knees, hips, and elbows locked out and bar in control above the shoulders.

event 2 - "endure together" - completed as a team

This is a teams of 2 workout.  Partners MUST SPLIT THE NON-BURPEE WORK EVENLY.  Only one partner works at a time except for the burpees.  25 burpees are done together at the same time – each athlete does 25 burpees. 

The distances are written in the format of male-male/male-female/female-female teams.

Synchronized Burpees to Plate: Athletes hit the floor at the same time with chest, hips, and thighs touching the ground.  Once both athletes are there, they get up and jump to a 45lb plate, landing at the same time.  They may not leave the plate until both partners have both feet on the plate.  At that time, they may step or jump down at the same time.

event 3 - "skill sprint 30" - completed as an individual

This is an individual workout for time. Your team’s time will be the combined total of the individual’s times.  If one partner does not complete the workout, then there is no time for the team.



An athlete may choose to do 30 thrusters at (45/35) but then do 90 single unders instead of the 30 double unders.  However, that athlete may not do 10 double unders and then switch to single unders.

Thrusters: The bar must start in the front rack position.  The athlete squats with hips below parallel and then finishes with the bar stacked over the shoulders with elbows, hips, and knees locked out.

Pull Ups: Each rep must start with the athlete’s feet off the ground and elbows clearly locked out.  The athlete must then get his/her chin above the bar.  Strict, kipping, and butterfly are all acceptable.

Ring Rows: The athlete must start with the rings at chest height and heels even with or in front of the rig.  The athlete must lean back until the elbows are fully extended.  The athlete then pulls towards the rings until the rings touch the front of the shoulders.  Kipping is NOT ALLOWED.

Toes to Bar: The athlete must start each rep with feet off the ground and arms fully extended.  The heels must pass behind the rig and the rep is complete when BOTH toes his AT THE SAME TIME INSIDE the hands. Strict and kipping are allowed.

Sit Ups: The athlete starts the rep lying on his/her back with the arms touching the ground above his/her head.  The athlete completes the rep by sitting up and touching the floor with his/her fingers IN FRONT OF THE TOES.

what is the 2021 SciCoh games?

CrossFit is having their games.  

Olympics are having there’s.  

Time for SciCoh to have ours!

In short, it’s going to be one fun week of workouts, teamwork, sweat, and a few beverages.

It’s a teams of 2 competition during the week of Monday 8/9- Saturday 8/14, where you and a partner will complete four workouts during regular class times throughout the week.

Sure there is some competition around it, BUT simply competing the workout accounts for the majority of your score…more to come later.




step 1: sIGN-UPS

You can either sign-up as a 2 person team or as an individual and we will find you a partner! The mix of sexes on the team doesn’t matter, so just pick a partner you want to get fit with and sign up below. We charge $20/athlete for this to cover the costs to run it, supplies, awards, etc. If there are proceeds we will donate a portion of them to a local charity.  SIGN-UP DEADLINE IS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 4TH!


Once all the 2 person teams are signed up, we will group teams together into larger teams that we call countries.  Your country will strategize and attack workouts together to the best of your abilities!

Step 3: the workouts

general information

There will be a total of 4 workouts.

3 of them we will announce ahead of time and will make them the workouts for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

The 4th workout will be announced on Saturday before it goes down!

You will be able to use Thursday and Friday for redos and makeups if you need.

a little wrinkle

Workouts 1, 2, and 3 will be teams of 2 workouts.  While everyone in your country will do the workouts, you must choose ONLY 1 of the scores as your country’s official score.

HERE’S THE WRINKLE…each team of 2 in your country must contribute 1 official score.

IN OTHER WORDS…if you are a country of 3 teams of 2, then each team will be the official score for one and only one of the 1st 3 workouts.

THIS MEANS…be strategic! The workouts will be intentionally biased. Example: one might be very strength focused, another endurance focused, and another gymnastics focused. This format will mean a lot of strategic decisions!


OH, ONE MORE WRINKLE…we won’t publicize which teams are the official scorers for each WOD until Saturday before the last workout.

STEP 4: scoring 

As per usual with our internal competitions there is both a participation and performance opportunity to earn points for your country.  The bulk of course comes from participation.

  • 3 points for each athlete that completes the workout
  • 3 points to the country whose “official” score was 1st for a workout
  • 2 points to the country whose “official” score was 2nd for a workout
  • 1 point to the country whose “official” score was 3rd for a workout

STEP 5: leaderboards

We will keep track of two leaderboards.

The 1st, is the overall country leaderboard. This is simply a ranked list of the countries by total points (participation + performance).

The second group of leaderboards will be for each WOD. These are really for pride and will list the ranked performance of each 2 person team in each workout.


What if I won’t be here for some of the workouts? Totally fine! Do what you can and make your “official” score one of the workouts you can complete.

I’m brand new or am not one of the better athletes. Why should I do it? Simple…fun. Remember, participation is the biggest contributor. That little competitive environment will add a new layer of fun, so just jump in and do it!

I’m injured or limited by some things. Can I do it? Absolutely! I will adjust the programming for you as an individual so it preserves the inten and allows you to participate.

How do I sign up? Easy…below!