Back to the Gym: 6 Steps to Find the Motivation and Overcome the Fear

See if this sounds familiar…

You’ve endured one heck of a year+ BUT NOW the suns out. Masks are off. You’re seeing friends and family again. And…ghasp…you’re even traveling!

Things are on an upswing BUT you know there’s one final thing to make everything right again.


On your health. On your fitness.

You know you need it. You know you want it. But you just don’t seem to pull the trigger.

One week it’s – “It’s already Wednesday, so I’ll get back at it next Monday.” Then Monday rolls around and suddenly you find yourself with too much to do that week, so you wait again.

The next Monday arrives and you “just aren’t feeling it that week.”  And the next week you are “too busy with the kids’ activities”, and next thing you know, a month has gone by since the acknowledgement that you needed to make a change!

Sound familiar?

The good news is we can help!  Pandemic or not, we’ve seen this every single day for almost 9 years.  Thankfully, we know exactly how to help.

Step 1: Identify the cause

Real talk: It’s not that you don’t have time or that the schedule isn’t working or it’s just a crazy time of year. It comes down to FUD.

Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt.

You FEAR facing where you are now versus where you were.
You are UNCERTAIN how to even start.
And you DOUBT that you will succeed even if you start.

You know things fit tighter.

You know that you aren’t physically where you once were.

It’s scary to go back to what you were doing and see measurable proof that you aren’t where you were.

Or worse, you know that even pre pandemic you weren’t terribly successful at reaching your goals.

You are confused what will really work for you and don’t have time to figure it out.

Anytime you try, there’s information that is contradictory.

It feels terrible to know you’ve gone downhill.

And it would be terrible to fail, again.

Let me shine a little light of hope…you control all of these things. I’ve seen countless people in your situation. You can get out and fast.

STEP 2: Take Extreme ownership

If I told you I’d give you $1million each week you came to one of my classes 3 times in a week, would you find the time?  I bet suddenly the schedule would work a little better and time would open up. 

In other words, reasons for not focusing on yourself are simply excuses.  Or better said – you simply haven’t been making yourself a priority.

Here’s the beautiful part of that – YOU ARE IN CONTROL! You own your schedule, prioritization, and commitment to you. 

STEP 3: give yourself a break & say an affirmation each day

We just went through historically bad times.  It’s ok if you aren’t where you want to be. We are human.

Where you are does not have to keep defining who you are going to be! In fact, I say this little affirmation every single day:

Where I am is a result of who I was, but where I go depends entirely on who I choose to be starting today."

STEP 4: Find a “3 Whyed goal”

It’s a fact that training for something is incredibly motivating – a 5k, a wedding, etc.  If you have something like that coming up, then use it!  But if you don’t, pick a goal and ask yourself why it matters 3 times.

Example: “I want to lose 20lbs.”

Why #1? I want to fit in my old clothes again.

Why #2? I want to feel better about myself.

Why #3? I want to be a better father and husband

Wow! Now isn’t being a better father and husband a heck of a lot more meaningful that just 20lbs?!

STEP 5: find a Coach.

Quick…name top 5 things you are really good at…

If writing a nutrition and fitness plan to reach your goals isn’t one of them, then GO GET HELP!

Absolutely nothing is more important than your life, vitality, and overall health.  And let’s face it, the healthier you are, the better you are at being the things you care about – mother, father, significant other, etc.

There are a ton of options, but we can certainly help with our free “No Sweat Intro”.  It’s a 15-20 minute call where we get to know you, your struggles, and your goals. If we can help then we will tell you exactly how we can help.  If we can’t, then we’ve been around long enough that we can refer you elsewhere.


STEP 6: take action now.

Some things can wait until tomorrow – taking action on your own health isn’t one of them.

Often times we don’t take action because we don’t know where to start…our No Sweat Intro just eliminated that barrier for you!

A month from now, you can either be enjoying the results you’ve seen because you started today or you can be looking back wishing you had started a month earlier.

Health and fitness is not a linear journey. I’ve been where you are. I’ve worked with 100s that are where you are. You will and can get through this.

Give yourself a break. Know that who you choose to be starts today. And let’s get after it!

Coach Mike

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