Decade Roadmap Step #3 – THE 1 Thing That Guarantees Your Fitness Success

When your car isn’t quite right – you ask the mechanic for help.

When your AC isn’t quite right – you ask the HVAC guy for help.

When your fitness journey isn’t quite right – you…deal with it on your own???

The Easiest Way to Guarantee Fitness Success

All week, I’ve talked about the ups and downs everyone encounters in their lifelong fitness journey.  One moment, you are on top of the world having a blast.  The next moment, things feel stale.  One month, you set personal records every time you come to the gym.  The next month, it feels like you actually got worse.  One week, your body feels amazing.  The next week, it feels like you’ve aged 30 years.

Although these struggles are normal, they don’t have to be as strong.  They don’t have to be as long.  They don’t have to be as frequent.

All you have to do is…ASK…FOR..HELP!

I’ve seen the “I’ll just deal with it on my own” approach all too often and it rarely works out well.

Asking for Help

A lot of things happened the moment you decided to join SciCoh.

You instantly became part of a truly amazing group of people.  You discovered a form of fitness that is both effective and dare I say fun.  You eliminated the burden of having to figure out what to do on your own.  You gained access to people with all the knowledge necessary to ensure you succeed.  You no longer had to guess if you were doing things right because someone is there to make sure of it.  You immediately gained access to accountability partners.

The list goes on, but the one thing that trumps all is that you gained a team of CoachES.

Each Coach on that team takes the word Coach very seriously.

Coaching goes well beyond just helping you with your squat, olympic lifts, or gymnastics during class.  It extends to assessing your mindset, keeping you motivated, helping you set goals, showing you the steps to take to reach them, and holding you accountable throughout the process.

This means that when you start to hit a bump, don’t just deal with it.  Grab a Coach and talk about it!

Don’t see if it’s just a phase, jump on it before you find out the hard way!

Email one of us, text one of us, shoot someone a FB message, pull one of us aside before or after class, or schedule a goal setting session.  It doesn’t matter what you do, just do something!

And here’s the best part – because there is an entire team of us, you get to choose who is the best fit for you at that moment.

Sometimes you might need some tough love.  Other times you may need someone to coddle you a bit.  And still other times you may just need someone with a ton of detailed movement knowledge to help you bust through a plateau.

Take Action

In the words of Jerry Maguire, “Help ME help YOU!”

The week of January 13th we will have an official goal setting week.  I strongly suggest you take advantage of that week to meet with us.  We will set goals, map out a plan, or just use it as a simple session to get you back on track.  Those 20 minutes are for whatever you need and as always, free to you as a member.

That said, I don’t want you to wait until then if you need us.

If you need a little direction or help busting through a barrier, please reach out now.  I’ve listed the email addresses of every single Coach and encourage you to use them.

2020 started today.  We are pumped to help you make sure it’s one heck of a year for your fitness!





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