6/14 - goal setting week

We just finished up Benchmark week, which means one thing – GOAL SETTING TIME!

Below is a 5 question survey to see what you want to work on. In that survey, you will have the option of setting up a goal setting chat with us. You don’t have to, but those that do are always more successful.


6/14 - new Programming focus- Gymnastics

As we look at the data from BOTH the Open and Benchmark week, two things about the group are very clear:

1. You are improving!  Look at all the Open PRs, things you did that you never imagines, and all the improvements during Benchmark week! That’s amazing!!

2. Gymnastics is where we need the most help…and that makes sense. Gymnastics requires the most strength AND technique out of anything we do.  

As such, our next 7 weeks will bias gymnastics – specifically we will focus on building the strength and stabilization needed to be successful and safe. In particular, our lat and scap muscles will get a ton of strength attention.

Three days a week we will begin class with pull-up strength work. It will be suitable for all levels from “I can’t hang on the bar long” to “I have 10 muscle ups in a row.”  At the end of the day, if you show up to class, you will get better!

As with everything we do, we will test at the beginning and end to show you your progress.

Throughout of course, we will combine this work with traditional GPP work focused on making you the best all around, fit athlete you can be.

Getty up! This is going to be fun!


This episode may not be relevant to those of you that consistently come to the gym, BUT it likely can impact someone you know or love.  Sharing this episode could be a good, non-offensive way to help that person that you know might just need a little spark to get going!

Worst case…you’ll likely be in this place eventually…I know I have. Give it a listen!

Listen here:—Back-to-Fitness-How-to-Find-Motivation-and-Overcome-FUD-e12n3u0 or on spotify.

sunday 6/27 EVENT: meet & mimosas - 8AM

After a looong year+, we can finally be social again!  What better way to celebrate than with a community event that supports some amazing, strong ladies and celebrates with mimosas.

These 7 ladies are finishing up their Oly course with a live meet at the gym.  They’ll each get 3 attempts at the snatch and 3 attempts at the Clean & Jerk.  It’s a live competition to show off their new found skills and abilities.

Come cheer them on to lifetime PRs and enjoy the community and mimosas while you do it!

Let’s go Katy, Carly, Sara, Ali, Natalie, Althea, & Allison!!

6/28 - new coaching schedule

We are of course bummed to lose Sarah, BUT the good news is that we actually have a LARGER coaching staff.  Laura (over 10,000 hrs of coaching) is officially back! After moooooonths of training, Ali has crushed it and ready to head up the kids program.  Sylvain is ramping up his coaching hours and role on the team. Yours truly is fully back in the coaching game!

NOTE: This is based on current schedule. As school let’s out and commuting to city ramps up, we realize needs may change a bit and as always we will adjust accordingly.

we are hiring a social media coordinator!

Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a social media butterfly?

Are you pretty handy when it comes to making simple videos and social media images?

Most importantly, does the health, fitness, and people’s successes fire you up?!

If you said yes to all three, we might have a job for you! Our Social Media/Content Coordinator.


Our part-time, Social Media/Content Coordinator is in charge of planning, creating, and posting our social media content. Their duties are as follows:

  • Work with owner to create and manage social media calendar
  • Create/Shoot and edit the content (fancy equipment not necessary – phone is fine)
  • Write all copy for posts
  • Post daily at minimum (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Seek out and document member testimonials
  • Turn testimonials into appropriate videos, images, etc to share
  • Post to Instagram stories
  • Work with coaches, members, etc to get needed content

Hours & Pay

This a 1099 role that will require 3-5 hours/wk at $20/hr. The hours are flexible but will sometimes be dictated by class times since members and coaches will be featured in much of the content.

If interested, email us at

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