CrossFit Vocabulary

So you’ve finished up your On Ramp. Show up to your first class. Look at the board. And…..

Understand absolutely nothing written on the board!

We’ve all been there, but now you don’t have to be! The video and post below will give you enough of a foundation that you’ll speak a basic level of CrossFit. Enjoy and let us know if you have any questions.

Workout vocabulary


We have a new and different workout every day that we simply call a WOD.  This word is the first way you can start speaking CrossFit! 

Note: The 95/65 next to thrusters is the men’s (95lbs)/ women’s (65lbs) prescribed (Rx) weight. This is a weight that the top athletes use and we help the majority of folks “scale” to the right weight.

Rx (Prescribed)

We record scores for every workout. If you see Rx next to a score, that means the athlete completed the workout as prescribed.  In other words, they used the weights on the board and the exact movements on the board.  Typically this is 10% or less of our athletes.

For the majority of folks, you’ll see comments with the weights and movements used next to their scores that indicates how the workout was “scaled”.

AMRAP (As Many Reps as Possible)

You’ll always see a number next to AMRAP that is simply the amount of minutes in the workout (example: AMRAP 12).  That means that you complete as many reps or rounds of the workout until time is up (example: as many rounds in 12 minutes.)


Each minute you perform a movement. Sometimes it’ll be max reps in that movement.  Other times it’ll specify the amount of reps.  Once you complete the specified reps, you rest the remainder of the minute. 

The number next to the minute specifies how many minutes. You simply rotate through until the minute cap is hit.

For Load or RM (Rep Max)

In a for load or a “Rep Max” workout, your goal is to find the heaviest weight possible you can lift for the specified reps.  Example: 3 RM Thursters means you find the heaviest weight you can lift for 3 thrusters in a row.

RFT (Rounds for Time)

A rounds for time workout simply means you are completing the specified amount of rounds as quickly as possible…while still moving with quality of course!

Tabata (8 Rounds – :20 work, :10 rest)

Tabata is actually not an acronym! It’s the last name of the person that came up with this style of workout, which is only 4 minutes.  It’s an 8 round interval style workout where we do :20 of work followed by :10 of rest.

# – # – #…. (example: 21-15-9)

This type of workout simply specifies the number of reps to do of each movement each round.  In this example, you’ll complete 21 thrusters, 21 pull ups, 21 cals in the first round.  In the second round it’s 15 of each and the third round is 9 of each.

You complete this work as fast as you can with great quality.

movement abbreviations

C&J – Clean & Jerk

C2B/CTB – Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

HRPU – Hand Release Push Ups

HSPU – Handstand Push Ups

K2E – Knees to Elbow

BMU – Bar Muscle Ups

RMU – Ring Muscle Ups

T2B – Toe to Bar



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