2020 Spring Showdown At Home: Internal Team Competition


The workouts

Teams of 2 – 1 Person Working at a Time


Max Lateral Burpees Over DB (or object at least 1.5 inches high)

* If you score at least 120 burpees, you earn another 6 minutes. If not, your score is number of reps at the end of 6 minutes.


Max Lateral Burpees Over DB (or object at least 1.5 inches high)

*If your total score at the end of 12 minutes is 270 or above, you earn another 3 minutes.  If not, your score is the number of reps at the end of the 12 minutes.


Max Lateral Burpees Over DB (or object at least 1.5 inches high)

*If you made it here, your final score is total burpees completed in the 15 minutes.


Lateral Burpees Over DB

  • The DB or object must sit at least 1.5″ off the ground at the point you are jumping over the object.
  • The burpee starts with chest and thighs on the ground.
  • The athlete can jump or step up from the burpee.
  • The athlete then must jump OR step laterally over the object.
  • Full hip extension is NOT required.
  • The rep is complete when both feet are on the other side.

Your team score is due by 6:30PM on Monday, May 11th.  Only ONE team member needs to submit the score here.

This workout has a minimal equipment option AND a no equipment option.  They will be treated as two separate divisions.  I.e. all minimal equipment scores will be ranked/compared separately from the no equipment division.



For Time:

150 Goblet “Box” Squats (20lb+ for women/30lb+ for men)
150 Double Unders
150 Sit Ups

*Partition however you wish.

*Complete as an individual. Team score is combined time.


For Time:

150 Air “Box” Squats
150 Mountain Climbers
150 Sit Ups

*Partition however you wish.

*Complete as an individual. Team score is combined time.

**Talk to Coach Mike for Individual Scaling Options


Goblet Box Squats Athlete must hold an object in the goblet position near the chest during the squats.  For women the object must be 20lbs or heavier and for men 30lbs or heavier.  The athlete must start from a standing position and squat to a “box” or other object that puts the hips below the knee.  The athlete can but does not have to sit/come to rest on the object, but the athlete’s bottom must at least briefly touch the object.  The rep is completed by standing all the way up fully extending both hips and knees.

If the bottom fails to hit the “box”, the “box” does not allow for hip crease below the knee, or the athlete fail to come to complete extension at the top, it is a no rep.

Double Unders – Jump once and the rope passes under the feet twice.

Sit Ups – Athletes must butterfly the feet with bottoms of feet touching each other and knees out wide.  An abmat is optional.  The rep starts with feet, glutes and shoulders on the ground.  The rep is complete once BOTH athlete’s hands touch the TIP of the athlete’s toes.

Air Box Squats – Same standards as Goblet box squats except the athlete does not hold an object.  The athlete does still need to squat to an object that allows for hip crease to be below the knee.

Mountain Climbers – Before beginning the workout the athlete should lay down on his/her stomach.  The athlete should make a mark at both the sternum and the hip.  He/she should then draw a full line/place tape at each mark.  The mountain climber starts with the athlete in a plank position with heels of hands at or above the sternum line, one toe starting at or above the hip line, and the other leg completely straight.  A rep is complete by switching feet and bringing the toe of the other foot up to touch or pass the hip line while bringing the other foot back so leg straightens.  The athlete must alternate sides for reps and the heels of the hands must stay at or above the sternum line during the movement.




  • 7 Alternating DB/KB Snatches (30+/20+)
  • 50’ Walking Goblet Lunge (30+/20+)
  • 7 1 Arm DB/KB Thrusters (30+/20+)
  • 150’ Shuttle Run



  • 10 Hip Bridges
  • 50’ Walking Lunges
  • 10 Squats
  • 150’ Shuttle Run



EMOM until quit or run out of time

  • 7 Alternating DB/KB Snatches (30+/20+)
  • 7 1 Arm DB/KB Thrusters (30+/20+)
  • 150’ Shuttle Run


EMOM until quit or run out of time

  • 10 Hip Bridges
  • 10 Squats
  • 150’ Shuttle Run

*The athlete MUST rest the remainder of the minute once he/she completes the work for that minute.


Single Arm DB/KB Snatch – Both heads of DB or bottom of KB start on ground. Snatch above head with elbows, knees, and hips reaching full extension at finish position. KB or DB must over the shoulder. Alternate each rep. You can change hands once the object is below the shoulder…or you can wait and do it on the ground.

1 Arm Thruster – Rep begins with DB or KB sitting on the shoulder. The athelete squats and touches his or her bum to an object that allows for the hip crease to be below the knee. The rep finished with knees and hips fully extended with the KB or DB fully extended above the shoulder and elbow locked out.  The athlete does NOT have to alternate. There is also no requirement about how many reps to do on each side.

Shuttle Run – The athlete should set up an area that is 5′, 10′, 15′, 20′, or 25′ long.  It’s easiest if it’s 25′.  A mark should be made every 5′.  Once an athlete fully passes a 5′ mark he/she gets credit for that rep.  When he/she turns around, both feet and at least one hand must touch beyond that last 5′ marker.

Goblet Walking Lunges – Same setup as the shuttle run with the 5′ marks and 5 to 25 foot area. Back knee must touch on every lunge and the athlete MUST alternate legs. The athlete must come to a full standing position after every lunge – wedding walk or step through technique is allowed. An athlete must have the entire foot of both feet past a 5′ mark and hit full extension for the rep to count.

Squats – The rep starts with the athlete standing at full extension.  The athlete squats with bum hitting an object that allows for hip crease to pass below the knee. The rep is complete when the athlete returns to a standing position with hips and knees fully extended.

Hip Bridges – The athlete starts lying on the ground with heels by the bum and bum on the ground. He/she drives through the heels and brings bum off the ground and hips to full extension to complete the rep. The bum must then hit the ground to start the next rep.

workout format

The 1st Annual Spring Showdown is a 3 week, at home competition for teams of 2 people.

You can either sign-up as a full team of 2 or sign up as an individual and we will match you with someone.

  • There will be a total of 3 workouts – 1 released each Thursday at 8PM starting May 6th.
  • Each workout will have a minimal equipment (DB 30/20 lbs+, jump rope) version and a no equipment version.
  • You only have to be on a video call with your partner for one of the 3 workouts and you can even do that one during class together!
  • The workout each week will be the class workout on that Friday, but you have until Monday at 6:30PM to complete it (or even re-do it) and submit your score.

drafting mega teams

Once all teams are registered, Captain Laura and Captain Sylvain will take turns drafting teams to create their very own Mega Team (a team of teams).  These Mega Team will compete against each other for the 3 weeks.


We created a scoring method that we’ve never seen and we are pumped about it!  It’s borrowing a page from golf’s match play type events.

Here’s how it works…

Each week a 2 person team can earn up to 6 points for their mega team:

  • 4 points for simply completing the workout and entering a score
  • 2 points for winning their “match”
  • 1 point for tying his/her “match”
here’s how “matches” work

After all scores are in for a workout, each team is ranked (by format equipment vs. no eqiupment) on their mega team based on performance.

Their individual score will then be compared against the score of the 2 person team with the same ranking on the other mega team.  The winner scores 2 points for their mega team and if they tie, they each take home 1 point for their mega team.

Your ranking is agnostic of sex or age.  All vs. all baby!



Fake WOD 1 is….

AMRAP 5 (1 person working at a time)

  • Max Goblet Squats (30lb+ for gents/20lb+ for ladies) for minimal equipment division
  • Max Air Squats for no equipment division

Sylvain & Eloise combine for 300 goblet squats which is 3rd best score on Team A.

Laura and Ellen combine for 299 goblet squats, which is 3rd best score on Team B.

Since both teams submitted a score, they earn 4 points for their mega teams. BUT, since 3rd place Sylvain & Eloise on Team A had a better score than 3rd place team Laura & Ellen on Team B, Sylvain & Eloise earn another 2 points for their mega team.

To further the example…

Let’s say that Cos & Ali choose to do the no equipment version and they do 350 squats, which is the best no equipment score on Team A. Similarly, Dan & Jay also do a total of 350 squats, which is the best no equipment score on Team B.

1) Those scores are ranked separately than the equipment scores. 

2) Each earns 5 points for their mega team – 4 points for submitting a score, 1 point for a tie


This means that no matter how you rank on your team, YOU have a real opportunity to contribute to your mega team! In fact, it’s highly possible the the bottom ranked temas on a mega team can contribute more points than the top ranked teams!

In other words, it doesn’t matter if you are a 5 year veteran, a 5 day noobie, Rx every workout, or scale everything like a madman. You can participate and you aren’t “holding back” your team.

Honestly, the only folks that will hold the team back are the ones that don’t participate! (That squanders 4 points.)



Registration is FREE and is open immediately here

Register as a full team of 2 (only one person needs to register the team) or as an individual and we will match you.

Deadline is Wednesday, May 6th at 8PM!



Registration: Today – Wednesday, May 6th @ 8PM

Draft: Thursday (5/7)

Workout 1 &  Mega Team Announcement: Thursday (5/7) @ 8PM

Workout 1 Scores Due: Monday (5/11) @ 6:30PM

Workout 2 Announcement: Thursday (5/14) @ 8PM

Workout 2 Scores Due: Monday (5/18) @ 6:30PM

Workout 3 Announcement: Thursday (5/21) @ 8PM

Workout 3 Scores Due: Monday (5/25) @ 6:30PM


1. I’m super new, should I really sign up?

Absolutely! This event is all about having fun, meeting folks, and giving you goals to train for.  Keep in mind, there will be really new people on the other team too.  Given how we score, there is no “holding back” your team unless you just simply don’t do a workout.

2. I have a little injury, can I play?

Of course! We will scale appropriately for you and incorporate that into scoring.

3. Do I have to have equipment?

Nope!  There is a no equipment version of each workout.  That said, if you have a DB (30+ for gents/20+ for ladies) or a jump rope then you can do the equipment version of most of the workouts.

4. Do I have to choose a teammate ahead of time?

Your choice! If you have a partner, sign them up.  If not, we will assign someone to you.



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