2018 SciCoh Open

The 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games have ended, which means the 2019 Open is only ~6 months away.  Crazy right?

It also means it’s a perfect time to check in on our fitness, identify gaps, and get on a plan to fix them….oh, and also have some fun.

How you ask? The inaugural SciCoh Open.

SciCoh Open?! Give me the 2 minute version of what that is.

Starting Thursday, September 6 we will be emulating the open down to the T:

  • 5 weeks of competition (1st WOD announced 9/6, last WOD score due 10/8)
  • Old open workouts and potentially one from my brain (I’m not nicer than Castro)
  • Thursday WOD announcement at 8PM with my best Castro impression
  • Scores due Mondays by 8PM
  • Intramural style – teams, draft, 1 point for entering a score, 3 points for placing top 3 in division
  • Weekly events – think Thursday night live announcements, Friday night lights, and Sunday Fundays
  • Workouts will be programmed for the class on Friday and you are welcome to do them/redo them during classes.
  • Prizes
  • Cost $20 just like the open

And the best part – this will be the FIRST EVER SCICOH ONLY COMPETITION!

What next?

I will be contacting captains this week.  Sign-ups will open mid-August. Draft will happen late August. Recruiting period will begin!

Why in the world are we doing this?

  1. It’s fun and builds community. As an owner and Coach, the open is my absolute favorite time each year. The box is electric. People are high fiving, PRing, discovering new limits, and having a good time while getting fitter. That is why we do what we do.
  2. It’s a perfect status check and reason to refocus. When we finish the open we have this list of things we are going to work on the following year. “If I can just get pull ups, muscle ups, etc. I can place so much higher next year!” Well, where are you at? What do we need to focus on for YOU? Let’s discover that now and get you on the path to actually accomplish that by next open!
  3. Motivation. Yes, we have a different workout every day, but even CrossFit can get stagnant. Any fitness regimen can. The answer? Change it up. Set a goal. Train for something. This will help you do all of those.  Hello motivation!

I’m going to be traveling.

That’s ok. You have from Thursday night to Monday night each week to complete the workout. If that won’t work, drop in at a CrossFit gym wherever you are and tell them you have to complete a workout for a box competition (they’ll probably understand). If you still can’t, then missing 1 won’t kill you. You won’t be ousted from the competition or anything!

I’m a noobie, is it too soon for me to do this?

Hell to the no!  This is actually a perfect time for you to do it.

You will be nervous, yes. BUT, you will learn that you are more capable than you think AND you will have a fun time. Trust me, I’ve been doing this a long time and 100% of noobies were so happy they signed up.

I have other questions.

Cool, email [email protected].



scicoh intramural open: Noobies, keep reading so you can find out what the CrossFit Open is all about. Veterans, skip to the “What is the


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