Don’t Forget to be Thankful for YOU!

Thanksgiving is an amazing time to bring gratitude to the forefront like it probably should be on a daily basis.  We could and should certainly focus externally (family, friends, etc.), but you should also use this time to be thankful for YOU and your dedication to YOUR FITNESS!!

Let me help you…

Amidst all the other priorities in life, YOU make the time to dedicate an hour for yourself.  No one is perfect and some weeks are better than others, but think about the average person your age with the same life demands.  Do they do what you do?

Because of your dedication, you can walk into your family parties knowing you look and feel good.  Sure you may still want more progress, but think of where you would be without your hard work.  Think how you would feel without all your hours of dedication.  Be proud of where you are at…I have news for you, people notice the fruits of your efforts more than you do!

Today may present its stresses – preparing everything perfectly, juggling the kids, hitting multiple family parties, etc.  But, you are mentally strong enough to handle it.  Frankly, you’ve done harder workouts.  It’s just another chipper that you’ll take one rep at a time.

Today you will hopefully make some questionable, yet amazing food choices.  But you know your life habits will make it all ok.  Enjoy yourself stress free.

Your kids see you.  You are their hero.  They see you go to the gym, they see you do burpees, they see you sweat, and they see you smile with pride afterwards.  Because of you, they see fitness as just part of life…not as an option.  Because of you, their health is on a completely different path than most.

You are a reason others continue to prioritize fitness.  Your interactions with other members make SciCoh a place they want to come.  Maybe it’s a simple hello in class, high five afterwards, or a text between classes to make sure they are coming.  Many of you have even forged friendships that are irreplaceable.

Finally, you are the reason our Coaching team can fulfill our purpose.  It’s an incredible privilege to have your trust to guide you in your fitness journey.  We know you invest a lot to be here and we are incredibly grateful.

We are thankful for you and hope you are thankful for you too! Happy Thanksgiving!




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