Our next nutrition/fitness challenge begins in 2 weeks! We are putting a cool twist on this challenge and making it a “member/guest” fitness challenge! Here are the details:
When: Challenge begins week of 10/24 and ends day before Thanksgiving 11/23

What: First 2 weeks of challenge are totally paleo (no alcohol!)
You will gain a point for every non paleo item you eat and drink (think golf scoring).
After the initial 2 weeks of the challenge, you and your guest are allowed 2 ‘approved’ alcoholic drinks (i.e. mulligans) each (6 oz. red wine, cider or tequila)

Also, every Thursday and Saturday your guest is invited to take a CrossFit class! Your team will receive a point deduction for every class they attend. That’s right, you have a chance to go under par if they show up!

Cost: There is a $100 entry fee for you and your guest, or $165 if you both want 2 body comp measurements on our InBody machine. The entry fee includes 10 classes for your partner, first 2 are donated and remaining 8 are ~$12/class, which is similar to your membership. Yes, you have to partner with a non-member, and no you don’t get a discounted entry fee if they are not planning to come to class.
Sign-up on the board in class!

“Burnt Toast”
EMOM 24, alternating:
Min 1: Row for Calories
Min 2 – Wallballs (20/14#)
Min 3 – Double-Unders
Min 4 – Rest

Courtesy of CFNE


Travel WOD
EMOM 24, alternating:
Min 1: Run for distance
Min 2 –Squats
Min 3 – Double-Unders
Min 4 – Rest