Winter Update 2020

As we roll into the winter months we have some exciting changes happening at the gym.  Please read through this and reach out to Sarah with any questions or concerns.

Class schedule:

Starting immediately we will be adding a Wednesday 515am class to the regular rotation of classes.  Beginning November 1st we will be adding Tuesdays at 515am as well.   This will allow us to get more of you into classes and thin out this morning classes as we move inside.  Thursdays will move to 630am only for now.  We are constantly assessing this and will adjust as necessary.   

WOD Posts:

This may be the most exciting thing in this email for many of you.  Starting November 1st we will start posting WODs 2 days before class (i.e. Mondays WOD will post on Saturday evening at 7pm).  They will post on Zen Planner and Facebook as usual just a day earlier.  

Sign Ups:
We still need you to pre-reserve your spot in class on Zen Planner.  

As we roll classes to fully inside we will be capping at 14 to adhere to social distancing regulations and keep everyone safe.  

Classes will open up 5 days in advance.  

Class sizes of 14 allow for a little more flexibility in programming as well, just wait until you see what we have up our sleeves.  If you need to unreserve from a class please do this as soon as you know.  Once you get to 12 hours before class you will not be able to remove yourself from class.  We understand that things occasionally come up last minute, just let us know.  As we are pushed indoors due to the weather it’ll be important to your gym mates to unreserve if you can’t attend so we can move to the wait list.

We look forward to an amazing winter with everyone!  Please let us know if you have any questions.



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