Box Brief:

THE OPEN IS UPON US! We will have our live draft THIS Thursday @ SciCoh, 6pm. Everyone who is signed up for the open will be placed on teams. After that, let the recruiting begin!

Please take 2 min to read about it here – you will hear about it repeatedly for the next several weeks.


A) Every 3 minutes for 5 sets:

3 Push Press + 3 Push Jerks

* The first set can be on the lighter side and should be able to allow for a build up. The third set is where the load should start to feel significantly challenging.

B) Gymnastics Skill Work:

2 x Tabata (8:00 total)

20 seconds Handstand Hold

10 seconds of rest

20 seconds Chest to Rings Hold

10 seconds of rest

* If there is a specific skill you would like to work on other than what is above, use this time to work on it.