Warm Up
Skill Warm Up
1 round NOT for time
20 unbroken burpees
25 unbroken Wallballs
30 unbroken Double Unders

Perfect Push Jerks

A. Take 10 min to establish 10RM for perfect push jerks

B.For 20 minutes partners alternate 2 minute AMRAPs
7 Perfect Push Jerks (at weight established in A)
4 Alternating Front Rack Reverse Lunges

Each partner is scored separately. The partner resting is judging the other partner for perfect movement. Only perfect movements will be counted. 1:1 work rest ratio, so push yourself but move well!

Push Jerks – Athlete must stay in heels, shoulders must stay back over the heels in the dip/drive, bar must be caught via a redip with full lockout, stand up with head through. On the reset, athlete must stay back in the heels.

Front Rack Lunges – Athlete lunges back. Knee touches while front knee is over the heel. Athlete must keep elbows at or above parallel to the ground.


Travel WOD
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5,…sets of:
sit ups and 100 m sprint between each set