Warm Up
Coach’s Choice

Touch and Go Power Cleans
Clean Pull

1Clean Pull + 2 Power Cleans

B. 5 Rounds
Max Rep TnG Power Cleans (155/105)
1 min. Max Cals on Erg
2 min. Rest

Total score is reps plus cals across the 5 rounds. Use a weight that your first power clean number is at least 10. Go as hard as possible on the erg!!!


Travel WOD
Burpee/ Sit ups Ladder: Do 10 burpees ….Go to opposite side of room……do 2 Sit ups. Return to original side do 9 burpees……Go to opposite side of room……do 4 Sit ups. Decrease Burpees by 1 and increase Sit Ups by 2. Work your way down to one Burpee and up to 20 Sit up

2 thoughts on “Thursday 1-22-14”

  1. MAX rep power cleans (used 70 lbs.) reps were 114 for max rep power cleans and 1 minute max calorie burn on erg…

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