The 30 Day SciCoh 3 Challenge

Sunny days, slightly warmer air, and playoff basketball can only mean one thing…it’s almost beach season.  Or in our world – it’s challenge time!

That’s right we are back with a challenge that will jumpstart us across the 3 key elements that we are calling the SciCoh 3 – nutrition, physical, and mental.

It’s super simple, super focused, and has a little twist.

The Challenge Details

Our 30 Day SciCoh 3 Challenge is very simple.  There are no points, no weekly reporting, just pure unadulterated results…and a winning team.

Sign Up Your Team – Now through Friday, June 1st

Choose your partner in crime and get your names on the board at SciCoh!

Who CAN you pick? Anyone – member or non-member.

Who SHOULD you pick? Someone that will keep you accountable and put you in a position to succeed.  In other words, don’t choose someone because they’ll “cheat” with you…says the guys who’s team name was once Eat Together Cheat Together…that didn’t go well.

How much does it cost?

  • Current Members: $40 (this covers the cost of 1 InBody scan – we are throwing in the other for free)
  • Non-Members: Contact [email protected]. We will put them through our 3 1:1 session in week one and then hook them up with a 3 week membership after that to get them through the challenge.

Pre-Challenge Measurements – Week of May 28th

The week of May 28th, you and your partner will each hop on our InBody Machine.  You know, one of the most accurate body fat machines in the world.  It will tell you a bunch of data, but most importantly it will measure and store your baseline body fat percentage.

We will re-measure again between June 28th and July 3rd.  The team that loses the most wins!

4 Weeks of SciCoh 3 – Monday, June 4th to Friday, June 29th

Throughout the 4 weeks, each team in the challenge will push themselves to focus on the 3 most important things to our health – nutrition, physical, and mental.

Nutrition: We’ve made this super simple.  There are no points and no cheats.  This is about you creating a habit of making the right choices every single day.  Sure you can “cheat” and we will never know. BUT the numbers at the end will show it.  You have two options for your nutrition:

  1. Paleo (recommended for most)
  2. RP

Paleo focuses on the quality of food, while RP focuses on the quantity. Honestly, if you want to win…do both.  We will have more resources for you in the coming weeks, but please reach out to Heather – [email protected].

Physical: This one is the “easy” one.  We want you in the gym 4 times a week – no excuses.  Travelling or can’t make it all four days? Here are some travel wods. Pick one and get the work done.

Have an injury or a limb that is falling off? Great, we are trained in Coaching adaptive athletes, so you are in luck.  In other words, this is about you.  Prioritize yourself and get it done! No excuses!

Mental: We talk all the time that one of the best parts about CrossFit is the mental aspect.  As our body changes and we accomplish things we never imagined, it helps us mentally.  Add some nutrition to that and we feel mentally bulletproof!  In other words, we always focus on how getting physical activity and nutrition in gear can pull the mental along.

That made us stop and ask the question – what if we worked on mental too? Instead of relying on two elements to improve 1 we push ALL THREE at the same time?  Only one way to find out.

It’s going to be simple. Each week we are going to give you 1 simple but useful thing to do throughout the week.  Our hope is that at least one of them sticks and improves the mental side of life for you.  Here is a sneak peek of the themes:

  1. Week 1 – “Must Do” (thanks Bob ;))
  2. Week 2 – “Thankful”
  3. Week 3 – “Service”
  4. Week 4 – “Down with the Digital”

Post Challenge Measurements – Thursday, June 28th to Tuesday, July 3rd

You’ve done the hard work, now it’s time to reap the rewards.  We will have you and your partner hop back on the InBody and see how much the needle moved!  Whichever team loses the most body fat percentage points wins!

The prize?…..we’ll release at a later date.  Gotta build some suspense.  Trust us – it’s awesome.

We hope you guys enjoy the challenge.  If any questions, reach out to Heather. Otherwise, choose your partner and get this thing done!!



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