The 2019 Post Open Plan Part 2 of 3: YOU

Unequivocally, YOU are the most important thing to ME.

YOU are the most important thing to our CoachES.

Now YOU need to be the most important thing to YOU!

And that is exactly what Part 2 of this Post Open Plan series is about.

Invest in your specific weaknesses

If the team and I do our jobs right then you no longer HAVE to go to the gym, you WANT to go to the gym.

There is a lot that goes into that, but most importantly it’s you having fun.  And you know what’s always fun? Getting measurably better at things!  It’s finally getting your first pull up, linking double unders, or your back squat PR.

In other words, success breeds motivation!

Sure we make progress all the time by just coming to class. But what if you could speed up the timeline? What if you could turn a 3 month process into a 3 week process. Or a 3 week process into a 3 day process?

Often times you can by investing in yourself and asking for a little specific help.

When I sent out the 2 question survey about goals and obstacles, Stephen Sherman answered it within an hour. In it he said,” I want to beat my clean PR of 135#. I think my obstacle is not opening my hips.”

I remember Stephen’s clean and knew he was accurate, so I suggested we meet for a 30 minute private session.

15 minutes in…Stephen hits 145…a 10lb lifetime PR!  And the awesome part, he has more in the tank, so we are going to work together more.

Perhaps Stephen would have hit this next class, but then again maybe not. He took a little extra time and invested in getting better at his specific weakness.  Because of it, he succeeded and that success is motivating!


The CrossFit methodology is what we call a GPP program – General Physical Preparedness.  In essence, it uses planned variance to become really good at a bunch of different things rather than biasing one thing to become the absolute best at it. As a result, our bodies are forced to adapt to everything, which does amazing things for our all around health and fitness.

You soon learn that every single person is different and that YOU have your own individual strengths and weaknesses. You may be a wall ball wizard but get buried under a snatch. You never miss a pull up day but you just haaaaaappen to avoid double under day.

Obviously if you keep coming, you’ll get better at your weaknesses. But if you put in a little additional work focusing specifically on your personal weak spots, you’ll be amazed at how quickly they develop.

Most of us could get better at everything, but how do we identify our absolute weakness?  Simple – design your least favorite workout.

Here’s mine:

15min + with
Longer Running
High Rep Wall Balls
High Rep Box Jumps
Longer Rowing

Once you’ve designed your own worst workout – send it to me so I can make you do it…kidding. Actually analyze it and ask yourself, which categories it hits from below.

Strength – Did you list heavy weights in your worst workout?

Gymnastics & Skills – Did you have things like handstand push ups, muscle ups, pull-ups, or even double unders?

Olympic Lifting – Did you add in the ole snatch or clean? What about SQUAT snatch or SQUAT clean?

Mobility – Did you have overhead squats in there?

Endurance (“Engine”) – Did it look like mine? Longer workout with just nasty things.

Mental Toughness – Did you have a bunch of grunt work listed? i.e. Things that don’t require a lot of skill, but do require constant movement.

When I assess my own workout, my clear weakness is Endurance and Mental Toughness.  Sure, I can go 100% on Fran, but sustained hurt sucks for me. Part of that is my endurance is lacking and part of it is my mindset is lacking.  I’m not proud of it, but this exercise is about the honest truth and that is the absolute honest truth.

Here’s the key…be honest, but don’t beat yourself up.  YOU WILL HAVE A WEAKNESS…LOTS OF THEM. WE ALL DO! OK, maybe not Fraser, but we mortals do.

Acknowledge them, but then…..TAKE ACTION!


Acknowledging your weaknesses means nothing if you do nothing about it. The question is what should you do? What is the most effective way for you to close the gap?

The answer…it depends…and that’s why you have us.

Our team has 10s of thousands of hours training people. And the beauty of the team is we are all strong in different areas, which means one of us will know the absolute most effective way for you to close your gap.

In other words, the only action you need to take is to ask one of us.  And I’m going to make it easy for you. Just click the button below to fill out the two question survey. I’ll reach out to you and help you figure out what to do!



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