Youth programs

What is CrossFit Youth?

CrossFit Youth is a program that works with ages 3-18 in a fun and engaging way to introduce and/or enhance fitness.  They work with our highly energetic and skilled coaches in a group setting.  They participate in fun and engaging workouts that deliver measurable results.  These classes prepare them not only to be well-rounded athletes, but also hard-working and tenacious people.

Our classes are broken up by pre-school age, youth, and teens.  Each of these classes focus on similar core components of fitness and exercise but are taught to each group in a dynamic and fun setting that is age appropriate. Our preschool and youth classes focus on basic proper movement, some gymnastic skills, and endurance all while playing.  Your children will learn to love fitness and exercise in this positive environment and will be asking you when they can come back!  

Our teens classes focus a bit more on strength and conditioning while still working on proper movement, endurance, and other highly functional skills.  While some of our teens have a strong background in athletics some do not and we welcome both!  

For the non-athlete we focus on building proper movement, building total body strength, and increasing metabolic conditioning.  So even if a teen has never played a sport in their life, they will start building the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.  Their new found fitness can have tremendous impact on their mental acuity/attention span, self-confidence, and overall attitude.

For the teen athlete, we focus on the same foundation as for the non-athlete but go the extra step to purposely focus on and build the physical skills needed for their specific sport.  We’ve trained professional, collegiate, and high school athletes with this same approach and have seen huge results.  Our method not only assist and athletes performance, but also assists in preventing injuries.

What is our experience?

Our coaches have trained professional athletes, collegiate athletes, and over 200 teens and young children. Some had never played a single sport and others we prepared for college athletics. Over the last 4 years we have had tremendous success with all ages! We’ve even helped athletes achieve their collegiate dreams in football, lacrosse, rowing, and more.

How can you try it for FREE?

Developing kids of all ages is a huge priority for us at CrossFit SciCoh and we want to make sure that they have plenty of opportunities to try it out. Simply let us know your contact details and we will let you know as soon as we have opportunities to try our kids and teens classes for free! It’ll be coming soon.

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