A program designed for the high school athlete.
Strength. Conditioning. Injury Prevention.

“I was thankful to be able to build my athletic foundation using the High School and Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Programs offered by Mike and his team.

As a successful high school athlete, I felt compelled to do everything in my power to reach my potential at the college level. Thanks to the amazing encouragement and guidance I received from the coaches at CrossFit SciCoh, I was able to perform at a level that I genuinely did not even dream was possible.

The training program transformed me from a shifty, quick, high school running into a powerful, dominant ball carrier who initiated the contact! I was a good performer in high school, but through this training I became one of the best running backs in the nation at my division. I directly attribute my success at the college level to this training program.

I cannot endorse this program strongly enough because I have experienced first hand the rewards of elevated performance. It won’t be easy work, but you will get back every ounce of effort you put into the program and you will come out the other side a more confident, dominant athlete.”

– Sam

what are the details?

what does our program focus on?

After training 100s of high school athletes (many who went on to play collegiate sports), we have our high school athlete program down to a science.  It’s a science that is highly effective at 3 things.

1. Preventing injury.

Unfortunately, many high school athletes are at a high risk of injury before working with us.

  • Most sit hours a day (e.g. in class) and engage with digital devices, which creates poor posture and body mechanics that can make them more prone to injury during athletic events.
  • Many high school athletes have little to no experience properly strengthening their muscles to support their athleticism. A lack of proper strength around the knee contributes to ACL tears.
  • Instead of focusing on strength and conditioning, many high school athletes play the same sport nearly year round, which can cause overuse injuries.

With this in mind, our program focuses on mobility and flexibility to fix mechanical issues while also building the strength to safely support the athletic requirements of their sport.

2. Developing strength, speed, and power.

While playing your sport can certainly help with the skill component of that sport, it does little to improve strength, speed, and power.  We use a combination of progressive weight training, plyometrics, and dynamic movements to build these three parts of athleticism.

Many of our athletes have never touched weights before, so we take a very safe and conservative approach.  As we like to say – they have to earn the weight through proper movement.

3. Building endurance and proper conditioning.

We use training methods to build the type of endurance and conditioning for our athletes’ sports.  For many sports (e.g. football, soccer, lax), that’s the ability to move fast for a brief instant, rest quickly, and repeat it several times for many minutes.  For other sports (e.g. distance running, rowing), that is the ability to maintain consistent output for long periods of time.

will your athlete be our next success story?

Where is CrossFit SciCoh?

827 Chief Justice Cushing Hwy
Cohasset, MA 02025

How can I contact if I have a question?

You can call us at 781-383-9876 or you can send me an email at [email protected]

How Long Are Your Sessions?

Our classes are an hour. Each includes a full warm up, workout, and a cool down, which makes them easy to fit into a busy schedule.

Who is This Program For?

Any high school athlete. No strength training experience required. They just have to want to participate, get better, and have fun.

Do You Work With Athletes?

Absolutely. We've trained youth athletes of all sports and have even worked with several collegiate and pro athletes. Sometimes personal or semi-private training is best depending on their goals and current progress. Reach out to us and we are happy to assess!

I have an injury. Can I still do the program?

In short, yes. CrossFit is scalable meaning we can work around old injuries, tight muscles, and creaky joints. We've even worked with adaptive athletes!

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