ARI'S pull-up & Muscle-Up SEMINAR

Option 1: Saturday , April 17th | 7:30AM – 8:30AM | $35 SOLD OUT
Option 2: Sunday , April 18th | 8:00AM – 9:00AM | $35 2 SPOTS LEFT!


If you are struggling with stringing together bar muscle ups or are still looking for your first strict pull up, this seminar is for you!

This seminar will be built for all skill and strength levels. This seminar will focus on two key elements:

  1. Learning ways to build your gymnastic pulling strength so you can get your first strict pull up. If you already have a strict pull up, you will learn new ways to transfer the strength over to the more complex gymnastics movements.
  2. A large overview of kipping and butterfly movements and how to become more efficient doing them. This will cover pull ups, toes to bar, and bar muscle ups. The drills that you learn here will be for all skill levels, regardless if you have butterfly or kipping movements.

You will learn TONS of new skills and exercises that will broaden your ability to do all of the gymnastic bar movements. Limited group size will also allow hands on instruction and detailed feedback! Sign up ASAP!


Thursday, May 6th – Saturday, June 5th
Thursdays 6-7:30PM & Sundays 8-9:30AM | $225
In-House Olympic Lifting Meet on Saturday June 5th 8AM!



  1. NEW COACH. Think new eyes, new experience, new cues, and a new perspective.
  2. NEW PROGRAMMING. Our old programming was measurably, incredibly successful…but it’s not the only way.  We want you to learn more ways to develop your Olympic Lifting and a new program will do that.
  3. IN-HOUSE OLYMPIC LIFTING MEET! We want our athletes to have a true Olympic lifting meet experience. Think center stage, judges, and 3 attempts at both the C&J and the snatch.


This course is for ALL LEVELS. The only requirement is that you want to get better at Olympic Lifting.

If you have years of experience and are looking to breakthrough that one number that’s haunted you for years – this is the place to do it.

If you are brand new, are intimidated by Olympic lifting, and perhaps can’t even remember the difference between the snatch and the clean & jerk – great! You will see a tremendous difference by the end!

And of course, if you are between those two extremes you are great fit as well.

The reason everyone can do this is because it’s very personalized.  Sure we have a structured plan in our 2 90 minute sessions a week, but because it’s a more intimate setting, we are able to focus on your individual opportunities to improve.

For some the focus will be on some very common, high impact flaws.  For other athletes, it may be a correction of inches, positioning, or weight distribution.

We spend a ton of time breaking down/teaching technique, practicing it via reps of several different progressions, and of course building competency and strength under loads.

We will test and re-test so you can see your progress from start to finish!

the in-house oly meet at the end

One of the most exciting additions to this course is our live olympic lifting meet at the end!

It’s an opportunity to show off your stuff, have your friends and family share in your success, and feel the excitement of some competition…and probably have that excitement fuel a PR!

As with a true Oly meet, one athlete will take center stage at a time for his/her attempt.  Judges will be there to call the lift good or not.  Then the next athlete will rotate in.

Each athlete will get three single attempts at each lift.  It’s going to be amazing!



Sunday, May 16 | 8-8:30AM | $20


Seminar for ALL skill levels!

Whether you can string together double unders or looking for your first one, this seminar will teach you some tricks and techniques in order to get your first double under or to become more efficient in doing them. 

From finding the right rope size to having your form broken down, you will learn various techniques and skills that will get you more proficient at this movement. 

This 30 minute session will have an 8 person limit!


Sunday, June 13th | 8-9:00AM | $35


Skill seminar for all levels!

If you are struggling with getting upside down or can’t string together kipping hand stand push ups, this seminar will help! You will learn various ways to build your gymnastic pressing strength, while also learning proper technique and form for hand stand push ups!

We will go through different drills and skill work so you can become more confident upside down! You will leave the seminar feeling much more comfortable doing hand stands and have new exercises in your arsenal to help you get better!