Reserving Class and Seeing the Workout

If you are reading this, then you are our newest member at SciCoh! We are so excited to have you!

Your first logistical order of business is to figure out how to

  1. Reserve your class.
  2. See the workouts.

The good news is they can both be done in the Zen Planner member app. 

If you haven’t already downloaded the app, you can find instructions here.

reserving class

We limit classes to 14 folks to ensure that we can give quality Coaching to and maximize the safety of everyone in class.  As such, you’ll want to reserve your spot ahead of time.

1. Log-in to your app and navigate to the date you’d like to reserve class.  You are able to sign up for classes up to a week ahead of time.

2. Simply click reserve next to the class time you’d like to reserve.

3. When you are successfully reserved, it’ll show reserved.  If the class is booked, it’ll show “waitlist” and will let you know if someone drops out.

4. If you need to cancel reservation, you are allowed to do so up to 12 hours before class.  Simply click on the class you have reserved and click the “Cancel Reservation” button.


seeing the workouts

On Sundays we publish the workouts for each day the following week.

Some people prefer not to know, but others want to know!  Do what you’d like, but definitely don’t avoid the days that have things you aren’t good at!

1. Once you are logged in to your app, click on the 3 dots on the left.

2. Click workouts in the menu.

3. Navigate days using the arrows.


I Can’t see any classes in the app

If you open up your app and can’t see classes on any days, then we likely don’t have a membership processed for you. Just reach out to [email protected] and we will fix it!

I Can’t see any workouts in the app

If you can see classes, but not workouts, it’s likely not published yet for you to see. 

If you can’t see classes either, then shoot us an email and we will fix it for you!



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