Phase 3 Protocols

SciCoh Family,

After 104 days we are officially back INSIDE the gym!

We are so excited and it’s been a long time coming.  That said, we aren’t quite back to “normal”, so I wanted to communicate what to expect over the next several weeks.


The schedule will be a living, breathing thing that responds to the needs of you, our members.

Pre COVID, the 5:15AM and 9:30AM were by far our most popular classes.  Right now, most of you are working from home and few have an option to step away from their kids at 9:30.  This means the schedule is a bit different.

As of now, we will have an early morning, mid-day, and evening option.  As needs and availability change, we will change and/or expand.  Please communicate what you need as life changes and we will try our best to serve you!


We’ve done everything we can to ensure that you have as much equipment as possible to continue to workout during this time.  Now that we can service over 20 people at one time (indoor + outdoor) we need to recall all of our equipment.  Here’s how it will work:

  1. Bring ALL equipment back at once by Friday, July 10th. For tracking purposes, we will not accept only part of the equipment back. We’ve loaned out over 100 pieces of equipment, so we need everything to come back in sets to accurately track returns.
  2. Simply bring it to a class EARLY or shoot us an email to schedule a time. The easiest thing to do is simply come to class EARLY. Please, please, arrive early so we can check you off.  There are so many extra operational things we must do for class now that your early arrival will be critical.
  3. Please clean all your equipment. Things get dirty.  No big deal.  Please clean it off for us before you return.
  4. If you ABSOLUTELY need it still, please reach out. We understand that some of you either aren’t willing to or can’t come back yet due to several reasons.  If you are one of those folks, please let me know.  Honestly, we really need your equipment back, but if we can do without we will try our darndest.  So no promises, but please just ask if you need it still!


Honestly, the hardest part of the situation is we can’t have you bring your kids at the moment.  I hope you understand the deep disappointment we have with this fact.  Having your kids watch mom and dad workout from a young age is something that has been so important to us from the beginning.

That said, we simply can’t take on the operational burden at the moment to do what it takes to keep you and your kids safe via babysitting.  I hope we can offer it again soon, but I want to make sure we get really good at keeping our adults safe first.



For the week of 7/6/2020 we will still offer Zoom each class.  You will NOT see it on the schedule, but simply use the typical zoom link if you need it.  It is highly likely that we will sunset Zoom all together by 7/13/2020 so if you still desperately need it, please let us know.

You will also see an indoor and outdoor option.  We can only fit 10 folks inside our facility and still meet operational mandates to keep you safe.  This means that if we have a class over 10 people, we will put you outside.  Simply sign up for indoor and if it is full, sign up for outdoor.

That said, if you aren’t comfortable working out indoors, you can simply sign up for outdoor.  We want you to be comfortable and have options.


The process now is fairly similar to outdoor with a few changes.  Here it is:

  1. Enter with a mask through the main door and NOT a garage door.
  2. The Coach will take your temp. If 100+ he/she will ask you to head home and if under he/she will ask you to wash hands.
  3. Wash your hands.
  4. Head to a square and stay there. We will have most/all your equipment there.
  5. You may remove your mask once at your station.
  6. If you need to change out your equipment, let us know.
  7. Post workout, spray down and wipe your equipment, but do NOT put it away. We will do that for you.
  8. Wash your hands on the way out.

Our practices are aligned with the mandates of MA and the best practices in the fitness industry.  As we continue to learn more, we will adjust accordingly.

We want you to feel safe and enjoy your time at SciCoh, so please let us know if we can be more effective in any way.




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