Our Action Plan for YOUR Nutrition Struggles

SciCoh Family,

The chart above summarizes the results from our “What’s your biggest struggle?” survey.  It’s been a heck of a year, so it’s no surprise you are struggling with nutrition.

Good news: You aren’t alone. I’m with you.

Better news: We can help!

Here’s my story and why I know how to help.

5 weeks ago I polished off my 5th slice of pizza and my 2nd beer (suuuuure it was only my 2nd) before walking not so soberly to the bathroom for my evening shower.

As I took off my Bama jersey I saw a pasty white (not new), strong, but soft body staring back at me in the mirror.

I’m not terribly vain, but as a person that has dedicated his life to fitness and the leader of others in their pursuit of their own healthy life, I was disappointed. I don’t really care about 6 pack abs, but I do care about living and more importantly feeling healthy – and I had major improvement opportunities in both.

I immediately texted two of my buddies and setup a friendly 6 week body composition challenge. You see, I know competition motivates me – especially when we agreed the loser shoots a Christmas card in whatever outfit the winners determine…and we are all a little evil haha.

Here’s the catch…and this is really important…I was determined to only improve body composition through sustainable habits.

Look – I’m still a Louisiana boy that grew up on jambalaya, etouffee, and fried….anything you can think of. Eating is one of the beautiful, enjoyable parts of life and I’ll be damned if I’m going to eliminate some of those amazing things!

And here’s the thing…I DON’T HAVE TO!

I’m not trying to be a CrossFit Games athlete or an Olympian. I simply want to be healthy and enjoy life! In other words, an approach of imperfection is the perfect approach! (Sounds deep.)

Let me skip to the end: Five weeks in and I’m down 4 body fat percentage points and 15 lbs, all while increasing my muscle mass by 2 lbs.

I’ve had pizza, beer, and pasta every week. I’m not weighing or measuring my food nor am I putting an official limit on the number of “cheat meals”.

All I’ve done is adopt a few simple habits that I can keep for eternity. Some are habits I picked up with Heather as my nutrition Coach and others are some that I know I needed.

The best part of all this…we are going to share and help you act on some of these habits too!



This coming Monday (11/2) at 8PM ET, Heather and I will host a free nutrition webinar that will spell out a proven approach of IMPERFECTION to nutrition that you can use to make some changes while enjoying your life…especially Thanksgiving!

This will be interactive, so we really want you to attend, but in case you can’t we will email out a link to the recording afterwards. Plan for an hour but we are trying to limit our own speaking part to a half hour.

Click here to Dail In to the Zoom Webinar on Monday



Starting the following Monday we will host a 6 week habit nutrition challenge! It’s our way of making sure you actually ACT on those habits we cover. Yes, we know it goes over Thanksgiving…and that’s exactly the point. We will show you that you can enjoy a splurge but still stay in a positive direction.

We will talk more about this challenge during the seminar.

None of us are perfect and we don’t have to be. See you Monday night for the start of our better habits together!

Mike & Heather



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