November Member of the Month!

Brought back by popular demand, Scicoh is proud to announce our November Member of the Month, Mo! A fixture at our 5:15am class, Mo has an amazing attitude and work ethic. She even convinced her 2 daughter’s Kate and Isabel to join in on the fun! Thanks for being a great example for us all Mo!


1. What would the title of your autobiography be?
Mo McCarthydottir: Anatomy of a Champion
2. What is the last thing you googled?
Chick Fil A, honestly I wanted to see where they were in MA
3. If you won 1 million dollars how would you spend it?
Buy a cottage on the ocean and travel around the world
4. Greatest accomplishment at Scicoh so far?
Getting my girls involved.. now I can talk about Crossfit at dinner without eye-rolling!
5. What would your last supper be?
Without question, my Italian born mother’s home made ravioli
6. Name 3 people you would like to party with dead or alive and why?
Brady, Gronk & Edelman … do I really have to explain why?  Though Kate said I should have said Garoppolo instead of Brady, ’cause he’s cuter and isn’t tied down with such a hag of a wife.
7. If you could give your past self advice what would it be?
Buy stock in a company called Apple.  No seriously, it would be to have more confidence and be a better advocate for myslef.  Women in business tend to question our value and not ask for what we deserve. Men would demand it.
8. Favorite WOD/ Least favorite WOD
Favorite WOD is the Filthy Fifty.  It was the very first WOD I did after my on-ramp.  And I chose to do it on my 50th birthday.  Least favorite was Open WOD 16.4.. thrusters and burpees over the bar…. barf!
9. What would your theme song be?
Eminem “The Way I Am”
10. What is your spirit animal?
Duh, Cougar
11. What is one goal you would like to accomplish in the next year?
It’s a toss up between world peace and pull ups.  I guess I should pick the one that will be easier for me to accomplish, so clearly world peace.



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