As with every 2nd Tuesday of the month, the 6:30PM class this Tuesday is cancelled due to our staff meeting.  You are welcome to attend the 6:30PM class at RCFBC.  It’s our time to keep getting better for you!

Week 5/10 Linear Strength Cycle
A. Back Squat 3 x 5 (+5)
B. Strict Press 3 x 5 (+2.5)
C. Double Alternating TABATA of:
Row for Cals
Thrusters (45/35)

Accessory Work
A. 2 x 6 Crossover Symmetry “Row”, “Reverse Fly”, “Pulldown” (eye-level) and “90/90” (knee-level)
B. 3 x 10 Lat pulldowns w/band (only as much resistance that allows fullest ROM and minimum 4 second eccentric return)
C. Kipping TABATA (exaggerate pressing away from the bar with the arm pit as far and for as long as possible).


Travel WOD
Double Alternating TABATA of:
20 second sprints
20 seconds thrusters (45/35) (or burpees)