So much fitness happening at RCFBC and SciCoh! This week not only kicks off our 6 week strength cycle, but also our first 2 WOD’s in our 2017 Internal Competition!

Strength Cycle: We are excited to have Coach Matt programming our strength portion (A) of some of our weekly WOD’s. This cycle will be focusing on deadlift, back squat and strict press, with cleans, bench press, and front squat used as complimentary work. Time to get STRONGer!

Internal Competition: Here are the first 2 WOD’s! GOOD LUCK! 
1. Teams have until Friday, December 8th at 5PM to complete and post their scores.
2. WOD’s must be completed with either a coach or another team judging.

WOD 1 – “Krackie Kills”
For Time:

Athlete 1: “Karen”
150 Wall Balls (20lb to 10’/14lb to 9’, scaled 14lb to 10’/12lb to 9’)

As soon as Athlete 1 completes Karen,

Athlete 2: “Jackie”
1000 meter row
50 Thrusters (45/35 for all athletes)
30 Pull-Ups (1 Medium band for scaled)

Clock is continuous and will start at the beginning of “Karen” and end after “Jackie”. Teams may choose which athlete completes which workout.

Submit Score for WOD 1 Here:

WOD 2 – “Bench, Please”
With a 10 min. running clock:

Both athletes begin the WOD by doing 50 burpees each at the same time.

When and only when both athletes are done, the remaining time will be used to establish a 20RM bench press.

Once a weight has been attempted, a weight lower than that may no longer be used BY EITHER ATHLETE.

The score is combined team bench press weight.

Submit Score for WOD 2 Here:



A) Back Squat
15:00 to establish 1RM

If 1 RM has already been established, then:
Alt KB Strict Press
4 x 16 (8 each arm)
60 seconds between sets
* Spend remaining time focusing on mobilizing shoulders and front rack position.

B) 5 Rounds
5 Power Cleans (185/125)
10 Burpees
20 Sit-Ups