Box Brief:  Join us this Saturday, 10-21 as we throw down for Barbells For Boobs campaign to end breast cancer. Both gyms will be completing “Grace” in a fundraising effort for this cause. We have 2 teams: Reebok Crossfit Bare Cove and Crossfit SciCoh. If you would like to participate and fundraise, please go to the following sites:

There’s still time to sign up & participate or donate!


A)  Hang Squat Clean
* Find a 1 rep max hang squat clean, then complete this WOD at or above 80% of that load.

B)     1 Set Max Rep Front Squats
* Weight should be 70% of 1 RM Hang Squat Clean you used for the day.
** First rep starts from the floor, last rep is when the bar is dropped.