This week starts our 6 week gymnastics skill focus. Three times a week, we will be honing in on specific skills, building strength in these areas and gaining confidence in movement. We will be testing this week as well as doing skill work, so be sure to record your results.

Today’s WOD is based on heavy back squat loads with varying reps and volume in an attempt to “shock” the system and challenge your strength. Please use the same weight for all sets.


A) Gymnastics skill work

3 Rounds, NOT for time:

10 Lat push down+10 second hold on quad on last push down
10 seconds hold ring to chest + 5 ring rows
Max Pull Ups in 2 minutes

B) Every three minutes for 5 sets:

Back Squat Set 1: 8 reps

Set 2: 4 reps

Set 3: 8 reps

Set 4: 4 reps

Set 5: 8 reps