How Will You Begin the Story of Your Next Decade?

There is something refreshing about a new beginning. It’s an opportunity to start over, course correct, and do a little better this time.

The bigger the size of the beginning, the more exciting the opportunity in front of us.

A simple Monday gives an opportunity to push reset on the week before.  A January 1st, allows us to do that on an entire year!

In 10 days, you get the opportunity to start clean with a new decade!  The question is, do you know what you want to do with it? What story do you want to write? How will it begin?

Perhaps you don’t know exactly, but you likely have an idea of things you want to do.  Maybe it’s tackling a professional goal.  Filling in a personal gap. Taking a calculated risk.

Regardless, I ask you the same question.  Will making your fitness a priority hurt or improve your chances?  Will holding sacred 1 hour a day to focus on your physical and mental well being help or hurt?  Will it make you a better mother/father, husband/wife, employee, entrepreneur, etc?

The answer is easy, but the practical demands of keeping fitness a priority for a decade are extremely difficult.

  • How will you stay motivated?
  • How will you keep it fun?
  • What is your nutrition approach?
  • How will you sustain that approach?
  • When life is crazy will you use the “life is busy” excuse and ignore your fitness?
  • When you feel like you plateau, how will you react?
  • If life throws you a curveball, then what?

These are just some of the many questions you will face yearly, monthly, and even daily.  I dedicate my life to fitness and I face the same challenges!

Here is the advantage you have – you have a CoachYou have us.  You have a team of people obsessed with your success, sometimes to a fault.

The foundation of a good CrossFit gym is to show members you care and give them the best hour possible.  To be frank, we think well beyond that these days. Our focus is on the hours outside of our walls when we aren’t right next to you.  Are you staying motivated? Are you continually learning? Do you have a nutrition approach that works for you? How are you feeling about your progress? Will you choose you and your fitness over all other competing priorities? What help do you need?

Although it may not be 100% practical, my dream is to write another one of these in 10 years to the exact same people because you are still at SciCoh, still committed to your fitness, and still loving what living a fit, SciCoh life means.  That doesn’t just happen with a great hour and showing you we care.  That happens by doing everything we can to reach you, educate you, and motivate you even outside of the 1 hour you’re here.  That happens by truly being a Coach.

In the coming week, we will provide you with tools you need to begin your decade’s story the right way.  We will have an opportunity to jumpstart your nutrition.  A roadmap to keep you motivated. And a mental approach to put you on track.

In the meantime, think about your ideal start to your decade long story and let us know how we can help.








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