Get Out & Get Active With Your Kids!

By Sarah Rossini

So summer is upon us!  Here is what we know:

  • It’s hot!
  • Kids are out of school
  • Your gym time may get ambushed by family, vacation, beach trips, and all those other fun things

Good news! 

You can still get out there and be active, and better yet, get your kids out and active too.  This means your kids of all ages; you know the ones stuck to you like glue because you are their best friend all the way through the ones that are waaay too cool to hang out with you.

We all know life gets in the way.  There is always more laundry to be done, a mess to clean, dishes piling up, errands to run, things to plan – and yes sometimes it’s easier to pop on the tv, hand a kindle over, or let them play on their phone for hours on end; but sometimes all those things need to wait a little longer. 

This is also the time to get out there, be active, shut down the technology for a few hours, and make some amazing memories!  

When is the last time you channeled your inner child and let loose like our kids do?!

Give it a whirl a few times a week.  Here are 30 fun and (mostly) free activities to do with your kids of all ages this summer.  Get out there.

  1. Go on a hike (World’s End is a great option!)
  2. Hit the beach and grab a surf board/skimboard
  3. Play football outside through a sprinkler
  4. Take the ferry into Boston and walk around the city
  5. Head to a splash pad (Marshfield Boys and Girls Club has an awesome one)
  6. Go swimming
  7. Do a body weight WOD at home and get the whole family involved
  8. Water balloon baseball
  9. Slip and slide kick ball
  10. Squirt gun fights or monster hunts
  11. Take a bike ride
  12. Go puddle jumping (amp this up and broad jump over and around them)
  13. Play soccer/volleyball/badminton/dodgeball
  14. Burpee freeze dance (works inside too on those rainy days!)
  15. Tug of war (great for big families or when all the kids are piled at your house!)
  16. Play/learn to play tennis
  17. Bring out your inner American Ninja Warrior at TA Fitness in Weymouth
  18. Go for a long walk or jog
  19. Rent a kayak/Go canoeing
  20. Walk the rocks to the Scituate Lighthouse
  21. Hit the playground, run and play
  22. Play disc golf (Rockland has a course)
  23. Mini or full golf
  24. Learn a new sport for everyone
  25. Rent a sailboat
  26. Walk the freedom trail in the city
  27. Find some old items and make an obstacle course (think balance beams from old wood, wheel barrel races with an actual wheel barrel)
  28. Climb a tree
  29. Go to a trampoline park and jump away
  30. Build a fort with the outdoor furniture cushions

Ask your kids what they want to do and do it! 



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