If you’re looking for a CrossFit gym with an amazing community, you’ve come to the right place.

Over the last 16 years we’ve coached athletes at the regional level, prepared hollywood movie stars for demanding roles, and helped numerous people lose over 50 pounds of body fat.

While these accolades are nice, I’m most proud of the community we’ve built here at Reebok CrossFit Ramsay.

You see, my goal is simple, I want RCR to be the last gym you’ll ever join.

In order to do that my coaches and I have created an environment where you can improve year after year, so you never find yourself getting bored.

Here’s our secret: we help you set goals and we hold you accountable to them. While it doesn’t sound as good as “muscle confusion” or the “afterburn effect,” it works.

Rather than just throwing you into a class, your first step with us a No Sweat Intro.

Your No Sweat Intro is a 20 minute 1-on-1 meeting. You’ll sit down with one of our coaches and clearly define your goals. From there we will make a plan to help you achieve them.

But that is only the beginning. You’ll meet with your coach again 2-3 months in the future for a follow-up goal setting session. In that session we’ll hold you accountable to your actions and make sure you’re always working towards a goal that is meaningful to you. These sessions are included in membership at no additional cost to you.

This process is repeated throughout your journey here at Reebok CrossFit Ramsay to ensure you’re alway improving. This cycle of constant improvement is why our members stay with us a long time.

The average member trains at RCR for 4 years, which is 6x the industry average.

Good retention is the foundation of a good community. Think about it, some of our members have been training together for over a decade!

As I’m sure you know, strong community makes working out way more fun, which keeps you coming back again and again and again.

My hope is that one day 4 years from now, you’ll get out of bed and realize that you’ve accidentally gotten really, really, fit.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

So what are you waiting for?

Hi, I’m Ken, the owner here at Reebok CrossFit Ramsay.

I started doing CrossFit with Greg Glassman in 2000 , which is basically like the 1800s in CrossFit-years.

At the time I ran a private equity fund and spent 300 days on the road. I managed to stay in pretty good shape despite airport layovers, client dinners, and a lot job-related stress. Despite appearing successful on the outside, I felt trapped on the inside.

I closed the fund in 2001 and started Reebok CrossFit Ramsay shortly afterwards. Creating Reebok CrossFit Ramsay was my escape. I started the gym with one goal: give clients the best hour of their day.

Since then we’ve helped 1000s of people in Calgary develop as both athletes and people.

Let me show you around the gym:

Here’s what some of our members have to say about RCR:

I was out of shape from sitting at a desk every day.. I didn’t want to go to a gym, run on a treadmill, wear headphones and be isolated from the rest of the world. We aren’t meant to be isolated and the community at RCR has been amazing!

I have always been skinny… I was unhappy with the way I looked and lacked self-confidence. I decided to take responsibility and started doing more fitness because I knew that only I had the power to change something about myself I didn’t like. I realize now that it would be tough for me to make massive gains, but because I am confident in my abilities, I am fine with that and my body type. I am content and value that everyone has their specific strengths and weaknesses. And as an added bonus, I really like that it has enabled me to be in better shape to do other sports/outdoor activities without specifically having to train for them.

My motivation for leading an active lifestyle is my children. I want to see my children get married and have children of their own. To be apart of their lives for as long as possible, as the healthiest version of myself that I can be. And to be the best example I can for them.

To give a little background on me: I have never been small, I have been overweight for as long as I can remember, I wore 40 waist 30 leg pants in Junior High. I hit 255 pounds in University, and would get winded going up a set of stairs, I spent the next 8 years yo-yoing in weight, and never being anything less that obese no matter how many months I spent in the gym 7 days a week, twice a day. I would lose a bit of weight, gain it, gain some muscle, lose some muscle.

I had enough in 2012 after being really depressed and basically staying home and watching TV all day for weeks and weeks. That is when I watched the Documentary “Fat Head”. I did research, found out about the Paleo diet, and basically said screw it, I tried everything else, why not try one more thing that won’t work. Lost 40 lbs in just over a year, and thinned out like I had never before in my life. With no additional exercise to boot! Corben was born and I managed to stick to the 180 range for most of the rest of 2013, but was slowly adding weight come the winter. I had fallen into the, “If it’s gluten free, I can eat it,” trap. In 2014 I ballooned out again to 225 pounds, same story, different year.

2015 saw me finally realize that while diet is good, it alone is not going to work. I dropped 20 pounds going back to the Paleo diet and started to think about working out. I am primarily in an office now running my company, and last I checked typing is not an aerobic workout. With Corben being more and more active by the day I saw the writing on the wall of him running circles around me. And I was genuinely concerned that if he saw me being inactive, fat, and out of shape, he would follow me down that same path. The damage is done to me, I have lost years off my life from being inactive and fat, I just now wanted to make sure that I kept as many of those remaining years and didn’t waste them away. I also wanted to make sure that Corben didn’t make the same mistakes I did by simply following my example.

A friend suggested that I try Crossfit. I had another one of those eh screw it why not moments. Started at RCR February 1st, 2015. Since then I have gotten in the best shape of my life… The last 4 months have been transformative to say the least, I am looking forward to the next 4. And while 4 months is not a long time to break 32 years of poor habits, I believe that I can stick with it this time, after all, I have the best motivation in the world. A toddler that can unlock the front door.

From the owner to the coaches to the athletes there isn't a better place to work out. The community is amazing. What we have is very special and you will not find this in a global gym. - Chantelle Ethier

"I'm 41 but I feel like I did 20 years ago."
-Leo B

To be honest, I struggled for years trying to go to a gym. I never had any interest going on a treadmill or using gym equipment. It was boring, repetitive and a chore for me... During my attempts at attending a gym, I would stare into no where and not actively think about what I was doing. Then, after a short period, I would quit.
I was introduced to CrossFit Ramsay four years.... The coaches, the people, the changing daily workouts, the environment, the community -- it's the best thing that's happened to me. Walking through the doors is the hard part, but you'll never look back once you do 🙂 - MJ Ramsay

Tracey lost over 100 lbs in just 18 months, found hapiness, and inspired over 13,000 people with her transformation!


Where is Reebok CrossFit Ramsay?

#2010 – 2600 Portland Street, SE Calgary AB, T2G 4M6

How can I contact if I have a question?

You can call us at 403-457-4010, or you can send me an email at [email protected]

When are your classes?

We have one of the most complete schedules of any CrossFit gym in the world.

Classes are offered 7 days a week, starting as early as 6:00 am and ending as late as 7:30 pm. With over 50 options each week, I’m sure we can find something that works with your schedule.

How Long Are Your Sessions?

Our sessions are one hour long and include a full warm up, workout, and a cool down, which them easy to fit into a busy schedule.

Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone interested in improving their overall quality of life. Our members range from ex-olympic athletes to grandmothers in their mid-seventies. We can help you regardless of where you are in your fitness journey.

But what If I am REALLY out of shape and super nervous?

I was in your shoes. Trust me when I tell you, you’ll be totally fine. Take the first step and come talk with us, you have nothing to lose

I have an injury. Can I still do the program?

In short, yes. Our Gateway Program is scalable meaning we can work around old injuries, tight muscles, and creaky joints.

Do you have ____________ piece of equipment?

The answer is probably yes. We have been around for over 15 years and have sent dozens of people to regionals. Our facility is outfitted with everything a top level CrossFit athlete needs to train.

Do you have showers?

Yes we do. We have men’s and women’s locker rooms complete with private showers and infrared saunas.

How big is your facility?

12,000 square feet.

Do you have parking?

Fear not! We have parking spaces galore. Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll find yourself parking in our coveted “Member of the Month” parking spot.

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