Member Testimonial: Heather Cyr

CrossFit SciCoh Member of the Month!

My son (Chase, who is 6) and I moved to Scituate 2 years ago from Kennebunkport Maine, we love our new community and have fit right in! I lost my husband to colon cancer 6 years ago (he was 35, healthy and no family history) so I am very passionate about raising awareness for such a terrible disease and getting people to recognize the signs and symptoms.

Living a very healthy active lifestyle and working out is a top priority for me, I need to be in tip-top shape for Chase, who loves to be active as much as I do. One of our favorite things to do is wake up early, he bikes, I run and we take our Golden Retriever, Millie down to Minot to watch the sunrise.

I work in sales for a women’s health care company where I promote a cervical cancer test, it is a wonderful company and product. Community service is important to me and I have been a hospice volunteer for almost 2 years now, reminding me every day what a gift it is to be alive and healthy!

When and how did you get started with us?

I have been at Scicoh for 6 months now. I started because my sister Tina who also lives in Scituate belongs to the Pembroke Crossfit and kept trying to convince me to try because she knew I would love it…she was right!

Favorite workout?

I love the Hero WOD Fridays, they inspire me and always give me perspective how lucky I am to be here. I have the utmost respect for our military and their families and love that Crossfit Scicoh honors them, it makes me proud.

Least favorite workout?

Anything with lots of heavy weights and reps.

What’s the best part about working out with your class?

Working out with what I can now call my “friends”, I love how we encourage, push and cheer each other on. And of course Sarah, she is an incredible Coach!

What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?

My son with a huge smile on his face from our Alaska trip this summer.

What’s your favorite “cheat” meal?

A “Wicked Willie” from Wilburs 🙂

What’s the last thing you searched for on Google?

How to make “Winter Sangria” (which I made and it was delicious)

If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?

Seal- I could swim and play in the ocean all day, lay on the rocks in the sun, and eat all the fish I wanted.

What is one way CrossFit has positively impacted your regular/daily life?

I love that each WOD is only an hour, I use to spend so much more time working out, but with less intensity and results. I never thought a workout of 12 minutes could be so hard!

What advice would you give to a new member at CrossFit SciCoh?

Hang in there, 6 months later I can do so much more, but still have a long way to go and that is what makes it so much fun, I love a challenge! And just GO! Sometimes the most intimidating workouts turn out to be my favorites!

If you could sum up SciCoh in one word, what would it be?




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