Class Schedule: Week of 6/8

SciCoh Fam,

After 10 weeks apart it was so good to finally see so many of you again!  

We ran the two days of outdoor classes as a test and I’d say it passed on all accounts.  You enjoyed it. We enjoyed it. And most importantly…the safety protocols were executed without a hitch.

As such, we will start incorporating more outdoor classes into our schedule until eventually we are back inside our walls.


Many changes will happen for all of us over the next few weeks. 

Kids will finish school and transition into the new version of summer. Some of you will start heading back to the office. Daycares and babysitters will once again become available.  Gyms will be allowed to offer more and more services.  

More of you and our old members will return to the gym.  

But some of you won’t be ready or simply can’t come because of your other commitments/roles during this time. 

In other words, our lives, schedules, and needs will change and vary on a weekly basis.  

Our goal is to flex to those changing needs as much as possible.  Obviously catering to every individual 100% isn’t possible, but I’m confident we can find a workable solution for everyone.

As such, you will likely see tweaks to our schedule each week until we are back to the new version of normal. Each one of you has had a Coach throughout the last 11 weeks, so please reach out to them with requests, feedback, etc so we can make the best plan possible.


As part of our attempt to meet as many needs as possible, we will pilot running a virtual Zoom class integrated with our live outdoor class.  We’ve scheduled a ton of them next week and if they go well, we will use them tightly but consistently going forward to help serve those that need them to stay connected.

There are 4 days of outdoor classes next week!

NOTE: For now there is no longer a mid morning option. It simply wasn’t popular via Zoom or in person. We have no doubt mid-morning will come back in a big way along with our 5:15 class again when the timing dictates the need.


Sarah will update the schedule on Zen Planner this weekend. For classes that are done both outdoor and via Zoom, you will see both options to reserve in your app.  Please sign up ahead of time for the appropriate one!

We are going to try no sign-up restrictions this week, so sign up for whatever classes you want to go to. If the class you want to go to is full, then add yourself to the waiting list! Even if your are 5 or 6 deep on it, still show me you wanted to come, so I can make better choices on future schedules (i.e. add another class time on that day).

If you can’t attend a class you signed up for, please unreserve via your app ASAP.


We will keep an eye on the weather each day and make a call the night before. If it is projected to be bad during one or more classes the following day, we will move that class/those classes to virtual only.  We will notify you via email.


At the end of the day, my number one goal is to give you guys what you need in a way that makes the best sense possible. As all of our lives and schedules continue to shift, the team will be in constant contact with you to understand what you need. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to them!



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