Catherine “I take the bags of groceries and AMRAP farmer carry them up a flight of stairs” Lacovara



1) Tell us a little about yourself? 

I am Catherine Lacovara, 28 years old, and a newer resident of Scituate. I grew up in Plymouth, Ma. I work in eye care as a Para Optometric down in Scituate Harbor. When I am not working you can find me out hiking with my dogs, camping, and traveling. I am a pretty open to try new sports, activities and adventures. My Fiancé has recently taught me to ride on a dirt bike, and as I write this I am on my way to Myrtle beach to try my hand in golf. Wish me luck.

2) You just had a very big event take place in your life, care to share with the community?

I am newly engaged! On Columbus day I took a hike up Blue Hills with my boyfriend and came down with a fiancé. 🙂

3) What sparked your interest in crossfit? 

The first time I was introduced to crossfit was two summers ago. I was sitting at a bar during the Crossfit games. I remember being in awe of the women in the competition. It was inspiring to watch their strength. I was intrigued to sign up shortly after I moved to Scituate. I had a membership to the purple gym next to RCFBC. I was working out on the elliptical machine 5 times a week to try burn as many calories as possible and did all to avoid the weight room. I remember leaving the purple gym one night and seeing these crazy people next door at RCFBC; outside walking around with giant barbels and then running inside to swing around on monkey bars. It looked intense,  a little insane, but fun. 

4) What do your friends and family think  of your fitness regime?

My Fiancé is my biggest supporter of my crossfit endeavor. He thinks I am crazy. I often come home from a WOD covered in sweat, dirt, bruises and callous hands. Since attending the SciCoh plus one member event, he has gained a new respect for the Burpee. I am pretty sure he is also impressed with my strength when I take the bags of groceries and AMRAP farmer carry them up a flight of stairs.

5) What keeps you motivated? 

What motivates me is the passion I found in crossfit. I really kind of enjoy waking up before the sun at 5:15 am and running miles with a med ball in a parking lot on 3A. Your whole body and mind is engaged on only one challenge. Just keep going, keep chipping away and do your best. It is an amazing stress relief. In every WOD you test your strength, perseverance, and do all you can do not to give up. You  progress and accomplish WODs that seem impossible. That’s a huge motivation to keep going and go bigger.The SciCoh community also motivates. It would be odd to call a crossfit box a gym, but the members and Coaches of SciCoh are truly the best. Showing up each day to friendly faces, words of encouragement and our moments of laughter makes crossfit much more than a workout.

6) You have transformed before our eyes in such a short period of time, what are you most proud of? 

When I first began crossfit I had no idea how to squat properly or ever had any experience with barbells. Now I am complimented on my overhead squat. I am pretty proud of all the physical and mental strength I have found within myself.

7) Your fellow classmates have told you on many different occasions that you are an inspiration, how does that make you feel? 

This really makes me smile. I can’t thank the Coaches enough for their support, and thank you to my dedicated, really strong and also super inspiring classmates.

8) Lastly how would you define your short and long term goals?

My short term goals include kipping pull ups, handstand pushups, getting to the top of the rope climb. I have a lot of goats. My long term is to continue to be healthy, to keep on with my passion of crossfit until I am ridiculously fit, and to always improve to be a better person than I was yesterday. 

Catherine brings great energy to Crossfit Scicoh even at 5:15 AM, she has a great attitude and a permanant smile even through the worst of WODS.



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