Cancellation, Refund, and Hold Policies

Over the years we have been so fortunate to build an amazing community based around one heck of an effective fitness program.  That said, we know sometimes things change which makes it necessary for you to change your membership.  Because of our close relationships sometimes those conversations are not simple and we want to make them fair for everyone.  We do this by sticking to the same policy for everyone no matter the circumstance or the love we have for them.

CrossFit Policies

Adult Membership Cancellations

All cancellation request must be processed through:  You are welcome to call, email, or talk to us in person, but to officially start the cancellation process, please follow the link.

CrossFit memberships are done as 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month commitments that renew at the end of the contract.  A longer commitment is rewarded with a more favorable monthly cost.  If you would like to cancel at the end of the contract, simply give us a heads up 30 days before.  If you would like to cancel mid contract, the policy, as stated in the membership agreement is a 30 day notice and $200 cancellation fee.

Moving Exception: If you are moving xx miles away, we simply need a 30 day notice and you are exempt from any fees.

Medical Exception: Unfortunately in life, medical issues can happen.  The good news is we can scale almost anything in class and also have options for 1:1 work if needed. We will put your membership on hold for up to three months.  After that time period, if you choose not to return in either a personal training or group training fashion, we will simply adjust your membership to the correct length of time and charge the difference.  Example: if you signed up for a 6 month membership at ($209/month) but only made it through three months, we will act as if you signed up for 3 months ($229/month) and charge the difference.

Youth Membership Cancellations

All cancellation requests must be processed through:  You are welcome to call, email, or talk to us in person, but to officially start the cancellation process, please follow the link.

Our teen memberships are a month to month, renewing membership for three days a week.  We know sports are in season and out of season, so to cancel, simply let us know the month before to cancel.  No current month charges will be refunded.  We are not responsible for forgetting to cancel memberships.

Our middies and juniors memberships are done on the session basis.  We do not refund or prorate based on amount of attendance.

Hold Policies

We’ve tried holds for the last few years and they ended up causing a lot of headaches and overhead. As of December 1, 2016 we will no longer do holds with the exception of medical issues.  We have enough membership options to choose from to account for summers away.  If something pops up where you will be away for a month or more, please let us know and we are happy to cover the cost of your CF membership in that place up to the value of your membership here, while your membership continues :)

Medical Holds: Please refer to the cancellation section above.

Refund Policies

For auto-renewing memberships, you have a five day grace period to let us know if you did not mean to renew.  There are no other refunds unless you were erroneously charged.