Bet on Yourself

Bet on yourself.

I could write a series of books with all the things I’ve learned as a Coach, but the most important thing I’ve learned is just how capable YOU are!

At LITERALLY every Coaches’ meeting I always remind the team that YOU are more capable than we know.

The things I’ve seen are simply amazing. I’ve seen members who can’t jump off the ground when they enter our doors get their first double under. I’ve seen new moms with little to no abdominal strength build up enough core stability to kick upside down and/or front squat the weight of a person. I’ve seen members that came in struggling with walking and chewing gum at the same time develop enough coordination to rip out a beautiful Olympic lift.

The list is infinitely long and you have your own story just like it.  The thing is that each one of these stories including yours has one thing in common – YOU bet on YOU!

CrossFit is so amazing because from day 1 it pushes you to bet on yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone.  Walking through our doors for the 1st time – you overcame anxiety and bet on yourself. Your first WOD, your first gymnastics movement, your first Olympic lift, your first heavy day, and of course your first team WOD – you bet on yourself again and it paid dividends.

The physical effect of pushing yourself is important, but the mental effect is paramount. Suddenly, betting on yourself in the gym turns into betting on yourself outside of it! Maybe it’s launching that business, going for that promotion, or signing up for that triathlon…who knows. The one thing you do know is you can do it!

Our upcoming internal competition is another perfect opportunity to bet on yourself. It’s scary enough that it’s a competition but even scarier that…gasp!..teams are assigned.

We knew this would push many of you out your comfort zone and force you to bet on yourself.  We’ve also seen what has happened when you do 🙂

Trust us. Trust you. Bet on yourself. SIGN UP HERE.

Coach Mike



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