• Level 1 Trainer
• Mobility
• Crossroads Adaptive Certificate holder
• CPR/AED Certified

I grew up not far from here, in Kingston, MA. I’ve been active my whole life with endless energy and drive to try everything and anything. I grew up playing and coaching soccer, golf, and martial arts. I currently work at Reebok and when the company first partnered with CrossFit eeeeeveryone was trying CrossFit and to be honest, I didn’t join in right away. I’d sample a class here and there, but didn’t get this whole ‘community thing’. In the beginning, no matter what it said on the white board, I’d put the same light weight on the bar – I never pushed myself. Then I’ll never forget, one day I got my first pull up. Now, granted I was trying to impress my now soon-to-be husband, but I’ll never forget that feeling I had – not only the feeling of accomplishment, but the overwhelming excitement from the community – they were almost more excited than me! From then on it was “hm, what else can I do?” and the rest is history. I think some come in and are discouraged that they can’t do pull ups or push ups right away, but they forget we all came from somewhere – it took me a while to get pull ups, I had to work hard …but that hard work always pays off. I always go back to this quote: “What seems impossible today will one day be your warmup” and it’s true!

I’ve been coaching since about February of 2011. I coached soccer, golf, and martial arts all growing up, but after college was searching for something…some way to help people. When I met Mike and RCFBC opened, it was just such a natural transition. Coaching is just in my blood – It sounds cliché, but I can’t tell you have fired up I get about our members’ accomplishments. Whether it be a big back squat PR, a muscle up, or even a 20-inch step up onto a box, I literally get chills. Ok ok, enough of the sappy stuff – What can you expect from me? I have an absurd amount of energy…yes, even at 5:30 in the morning… you might think I’m just constantly drinking coffee – incorrect, just me  I try to make classes fun with a few really important takeaways for each movement within the WOD. Plus, if you can’t have fun with what you’re doing, what’s the point, right? Whether I’m at RCFBC or CrossFit SciCoh, for that hour I’m dedicated to helping you meet your goals, move safely….and provide a little entertainment along the way.

I think the funniest thing people say about CrossFit, especially women is “I don’t want to get bulky” – and let me just say I’ve been TRYING to get some of those back muscles for years and I’m still working on it! An athlete would have to train several times a day as well eat and drink A LOT of protein and supplements to get ‘bulky’ …and even still, many bodies are just not destined to ever be bulky. Some days I wish I at least had some of those genes 😉