8 Major Milestones You Can Achieve in 31 Days

It’s hard to believe the 2021 CrossFit Open starts in 31 days!

Yup, that’s right. 31 days.

I know, I know. There are still so many things to work on. It feels impossible to get better at anything in just 31 days. But, I have good news – there are some MAJOR things you can do in just 31 days…if you have the right Coaching and approach.

1. Drop 0.5-3% body fat percentage points.

2% for a 150lb person is 3lbs of fat. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is and it makes a huge difference. A lot of our workouts may have upwards of 200+ reps, so that’s 3 extra lbs you don’t have to move 200 times. That’s a biiiiig difference.

2. Add up to 1lb of muscle.

Once again, a lb of muscle doesn’t sound substantial, but that can be the difference in hitting a lift, getting your first pull up, finally linking T2B, etc. Add on top of that a leaner body and you will see a HUGE difference.

3. Improve your Olympic lifts by 2.5-30lbs.

In our 6 week Oly class, the average improvement is about 15lbs on the snatch and 13lbs on the clean. 90% of that improvement happens by week 3.

How much you can improve and how quickly depends on what is holding you back and how much time you are willing to put it. Most folks have a major flaw like inefficient position and/or lack of hip extension. If that’s you, we can fix that quickly and it will lead to major gains!

4. Finally get double unders!

Ah yes – the most frustrating movement on the planet. While they can really suck, the good part about double unders is that they are a skill. In other words, they can be obtained with the right practice.

Obviously some folks pick it up faster than others, but with the right Coaching and practice plan you can certainly make a major improvement. For some that may mean finally getting double digits consistently. For others, it may mean going from 10 in a row to 50 in a row.

Regardless, I promise you can improve them in 31 days if you try.

5. Trade in kipping pull ups for butterfly.

If you have at least 2 or 3 strict pull ups and have no shoulder limitations, you can absolutely get butterfly pull ups in 31 days. Maybe they won’t be perfect, but they will absolutely be good enough to use in workouts and they will save you a ton of time and energy during them.

6. String together more T2B and/or pull ups.

Toes to bar and pull ups require a combination of strength and technique. If your issue is technique that’s a great thing. That’s something that you can improve with some Coaching fairly quickly.

If you issue is strength, it takes longer but you can make a big dent in 31 days. How far that will take you will depend on how close you are to begin with. We can help you set the right expectations!

7. Improve basic lifts (squat, deadlift, press) by 5-10lbs.

Strength is something that takes a longer consistent effort to build but it does show steady results early. It’s absolutely possible to increase your overhead strength by 5lbs and squat or deadlift strength by 10lbs in 31 days.

That may not sound significant, but imagine your 95lb/65lb overhead feeling more like 90lb/60lb when you rep it 50 times. Or think about your 135lb/95lb front squat for 45 reps feeling like 125lbs/85lbs instead.

A little extra strength goes a looong way.

8. Improve your engine and endurance by ~10%.

While many struggle with high skill movements or strength, there is another population out there that struggles with their engine. I feel you brothers and sisters, I’m with you!

Good news – we can absolutely improve that by about 10% in 31 days with a little different approach and a little extra work.

In context, that means shaving a minute off of a 10 minute WOD time. That’s adding 25 reps to your 250 rep Fight Gone Bad score. That may sound small, but as you will see in the open – even 10 seconds or 3 reps can make a huge difference!

Great, but HOW?!

The exact how will depend on the person, but the process is the exact same.

  1. Decide what you want! Pick 1 or 2 things. What would make you happiest in the next 31 days? Is it no longer fearing the double under workouts? Lifting more than your friend/nemesis in class? Doing more then 1 T2B at a time?
  2. Battleplan with a Coach. Send me an email. Comment on this post. Grab us before or after class. We don’t “punch out” when class is over. We are always here to help, so reach out to us and we will make a plan.
  3. Put in the work. What this work like will depend on where you are at and what you want, but it will likely include a little extra work, some accountability, and measuring success.

Embrace the next 31 days as an opportunity to get better. It feels good to succeed and we feel good it motivates us to do even more. 

I’ll make the first step easy for you…just click our email address to tell us what you want to accomplish!

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