6 Weeks to Summer Challenge


With summer just around the corner, there is no better time than now to start dialing in on our nutrition to get us feeling our best heading into the summer heat!

Sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation or desire to start watching what we eat, and we keep pushing it off or worse, never start.

Enter our “Six Weeks to Summer” nutrition challenge!


This nutrition challenge is for everyone – whether you’ve never given your diet a second thought, or you’ve done several of these challenges in the past.

My goal is to educate you on how you can make healthier choices every day and properly fuel your body to crush it in the gym. We will be focusing on healthy eating habits to encourage smarter food choices beyond the six-week program and I want to empower you to better understand how food fuels your body.

This will go beyond just food – we will encourage activity and sleep too!


DATES: 6 Weeks – Monday, May 13 – Sunday, June 23

WHO: Teams of 2 – Your partner can be someone outside the gym as well! (Significant others, friends, family, etc.)


  • Option 1 – $40 – Includes 2 InBody Scans (Before & After) – $75 Value
  • Option 2 – $20 – No Scans

HOW TO SIGN UP: Pick your partner and put your names on the board at the gym.  If you won’t be there this week, you can email Heather at [email protected].


  • Initial “Baseline” WOD Score and Retest
  • InBody Scans (for those doing them)


  • Facebook group for communication, support and accountability
  • Your partner!


  • Team with the most points will win an Inside Tracker analysis!
  • Everyone else will be rewarded with a healthier mind and body….and hugs.  We can definitely guarantee hugs.

YOUR CHALLENGE LEADER: Coach Heather – Certified Precision Nutrition Health Coach


We have plenty of more detail below, but the food piece comes down to 4 things.

  1. No Added Sugar
  2. No Dairy
  3. Whole Grains Only
  4. No Alcohol


The better you eat, more you workout (up to a healthy limit), and more you sleep, the more points you earn.

Admittedly, there are a ton of points, but don’t worry – all you will have to do is answer questions in a spreadsheet log each day and it figures out the points for you!

Daily Point Opportunity 1 – Food choices

  • 4 Points = Perfect Day (absolutely no cheats)
  • 3 Points = One small slip (less than one serving of a cheat all day (ex: slice of cheese on sandwich)
  • 2 Points = One major slip (one full serving of a cheat during the day ex: ice cream after dinner)
  • 1 Point = One full cheat meal (but no other cheats throughout the day! Ex: McDonalds or pizza for dinner)
  • 0 Points = Multiple Cheats throughout the day

You don’t have to remember those points – you’ll just answer a simple question each day about your food 🙂

Daily Point Opportunity 2 – Physical Activity & Mobility

Earn up to an extra 0.25 points each day by completing a CrossFit WOD or a workout on your own (cannot double up in a day). Maximum 4 workouts a week for extra points. In other words, 7 days of working out earns you the same points as 4, so don’t do it.  Recover!

Earn another 0.25 points each day by spending 20+ minutes on mobility outside of class time.  Feel free to do this every single day!

Have we mentioned yet that you don’t need to remember this? You’ll just answer a yes no question on the log each day.

Daily Point Opportunity 3 – Sleep

7+ hours of sleep = +.25 points

Daily Point Opportunity 4 – Water Intake

Drink at least half of your bodyweight in ounces of water = +.25 points

Hey, there’s a log that will calculate all these points for you.  No worries!

Negative Points

In addition to gaining points there are three things that result in LOSING points.

  • Worked out but failed to have a post workout protein + carb source = -1 point
  • Consumed 1-2 alcoholic drinks = -1 point
  • Consumed 3 or more alcoholic drinks = -2 points

Keeping Track of Points

Stop me if you’ve heard this – we have a tracker spreadsheet you’ll fill out by Sunday each week.  You’ll answer simple questions and the spreadsheet will do the rest!


There will be one winning team. Winners will be chosen based on overall participation points (food logging, workouts, post-workout fueling, rest, mobility, etc.), avoiding cheats (alcohol, sweets, etc.), and improvements in “Baseline” scores. The winning team will win an Inside Tracker analysis for each person!

More Nutrition Details

For optimum health and performance, the goal of this challenge is to eat a balance of complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and healthy fats, plus at least two handfuls of green or colorful veggies at most meals. A list of suggested foods for each group will be provided to each participant to make meal planning easier! We will also talk about “nutrient timing” so we can better fuel our bodies for our workouts and make sure we are eating enough (yes, enough!!) to promote performance, recovery and body composition changes. A list of meal planning tips and strategies will also help set you up for success each week! In addition to all of this, there will be weekly (if not daily!) communication through our private Nutrition Challenge Facebook group where I will be posting tips, recipes, articles and more, as well as answering any questions or concerns you have at any point of the challenge.


I can’t wait to work with you on this challenge and see you guys create healthy eating habits that will last you a lifetime!


-Coach Heather




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