4 Mindset Must Reads

This easy reader is more than just a catchy title.  Mark offers simple, yet effective concepts to approach every day life.

One of my favorites is – “You’re not special.”  (He’s pretty good with “stop you in your tracks” titles!)

This concept simply means that while our lives are unique, our problems are not.  We all experience many of the same problems.  We all have heartbreak, loss, missed opportunities, etc.  That’s not the world out to get us, that’s just life.  By realizing that, it helps rid ourselves of a victim mindset and instead take control to face challenges head on.

A big lesson I’ve learned throughout my years as a business owner is that when things aren’t going well, it’s usually my fault…even if it was “someone else’s” misstep.  Did I set expectations? Did I give them the right tools? Did I put the right person in the right seat?

This mindset is extreme ownership.

I find this approach is both freeing and effective.  Freeing because if I own the problem I can fix the problem. It’s under my control.

Effective because if I lead with extreme ownership, my team will follow suit.

Jocko Willink is one of my favorite leadership experts and Extreme Ownership is an absolute gem.

Our family of 3 lived off our little 100 person gym for a year and half in one of the most expensive areas in the country.  Hard work and smart business moves played a big part but so did our “essentialist” approach. Not just an essentialist approach to things but an essentialist approach to where we directed our energy.

These last two years have been exceptionally “noisy” for all of us in many ways.

Essentialism is an incredible book to help you cut through that noise, identify and focus on what matters, and live a more fulfilling life without all the noise. 

Last year I had the opportunity to hear Cameron Harold speak at a business conference for gym owners…it changed my life.

Cameron teamed up with Hal Elrod to write an entrepreneur version of The Miracle Morning.  They read through 1000s of pages of books and studies to identify morning habits of successful people and the condensed them down to a handful in this book.

It will take action from you, but if you follow the habits in this book you will unlock a whole new level of performance throughout your day.



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